The Economic Development Committee is excited to announce this quarter’s second Economic Vitality Award to the Cypress Gallery, a function of the Lompoc Valley Art Association (LVAA).

The Economic Vitality Award, or EVA, is awarded to Lompoc businesses or organizations to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating community in our fine town.

Historically, Lompoc has been described as the City of Art and Flowers, notably because of the flower fields which were located on the outskirts of the city, as well as murals which pepper Lompoc throughout. In recent history, the flower fields have become increasingly rare, making way for agriculture and vegetation, but the murals and the art remain as a key aspect to Lompoc’s culture. The murals continue to dot the Lompoc landscape, the art still an important part of our heritage and through the Lompoc Valley Art Association, will continue to be a treasured part of the Lompoc’s patrimony.

Lompoc’s designation as the City of Arts and Flowers has no clearer marker than the murals on the sides of buildings, and in alleyways. Art is also nestled into other areas throughout the city.

Artwork is available for purchase at South Side Coffee Shop, where one can admire it while sipping a drink. Art is front-and-center at New Lows, where one can shop for skating goods and a new art piece to go above the mantle. At the public library’s Grossman Gallery, one can find their favorite Nancy Drew novel and appreciate showcases from artists and student-artists.

In addition to public and private walls, there is even art on the street with the completion of Creative Crossings, artwork that has been painted across the crosswalks to brighten up the streets. This art in Lompoc can be found at several intersections in town.

Along with public spaces, art-lovers can appreciate beautiful local art in the very intimate Cypress Gallery located at 119 East Cypress Avenue, right in Centennial Park on the south side of town.

According to its website, The Cypress Gallery was “founded in 1994 by the Lompoc Valley Art Association and showcases the art of over 60 well-known local artists.” At the gallery, you will find several different types of arts including paintings, photography, and ceramics among others.

Cypress gallery is staffed by the artists on display and members of the Lompoc Valley Art Association. Cypress Gallery and the LVAA are responsible for putting up programs such as Featured Artist and Show and a Traveling Art Show. In addition to this, the Cypress Gallery also offers classes for emerging artists and therefore contributes to our community.

On the Facebook page for the Cypress Gallery, its story is listed as: “The purpose of the LVAA, a nonprofit organization, is to enhance the cultural environment within the Lompoc Valley by promoting the advancement in fine art; preserving an open avenue of communication between artists and the community; presenting informative programs by which artists may further develop their artistic talents by encouraging other artists to live and practice their artistic skills within the Lompoc Valley; and by maintaining an Art Gallery where local artists may, for the purpose of sale, present quality exhibits of their creations”.

In addition to providing a great deal to advance programs for art in Lompoc, the LVAA also awards a scholarship for a student every year, revealing their dedication to giving back to youth and the community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Lompoc Valley Art Association and Cypress Gallery, visit or Facebook page at

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