Dulcie Sinn and Samnang Heng were the guest speakers at a recent Vandenberg Village Rotary meeting.

The two met in Cambodia two and a half years ago and talked to the club about Cambodian Living Arts.

The organization was founded in 1998 by genocide survivor and musician Arn Chorn-Pond, according to its website.

"For a decade, we focused on endangered performing art forms and rituals. As 90 percent of Cambodia’s artists did not survive the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia’s artistic heritage was in danger of being lost forever."

It continues: "Over the last 20 years, both Cambodia and the arts scene have developed rapidly and we have evolved our work to match. We have focused on helping talented people to build and develop careers in the arts, though scholarships, fellowships, and support to troupes and individuals."

Dulcie Sinn enjoyed visiting the Spice Factory, where they have crafts and fine arts.

She talked about PeaceWorks, which promotes peace through business. 

She said is very inspired by her new friend, Samnang, and her accomplishments.

Samnang Heng, a young, talented professional from Cambodia is visiting California.

Her areas of focus are in conflict and peace building. She would like to see people not argue and build peace in communication with one another.

"A peaceful culture makes more sense," she said, adding that this can be done through fellowship with one another.

In 2016, she received a bachelor's degree in environmental studies with a concentration in ecotourism and wants to pursue a master’s degree in conflict and peace.

For more information, visit https://www.cambodianlivingarts.org and www.peaceworks.com.