Businesses are America

Matt Reeves, Lompoc | Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013 12:00 am

A recent Record editorial, “Back to work in America,” poses an interesting question, to wit: Does it seem a few people are paid a lot ... for achieving very little?

The writer was referring to CEOs of companies with negative results. He obviously came to a fork in Overpaid Road, one labeled Private, the other Public and took a left turn. Given the same question, I would have taken a hard right and asked did any, or all for that matter, of the CEOs run up an $18 trillion debt?

I know that is not entirely fair, as it compares relatively small entities to the U.S. government. While malpractice, whether public or private, is costly, it is taxpayers who must pay for spendthrift politicos and bureaucrats.

Unless one owns stock in a failing company, wouldn’t it be more provident to focus on the massive fraud, waste and abuse in government? We don’t have to go far to see the evidence. Two public servants in the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department and the Santa Barbara Police Department, of all places, embezzled millions. Then there is the scandal in the Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corp.

The editorial continues, “Republicans seem to believe big business is better for America than big government.” Actually, we believe business, great and small, is America. It’s just that we prefer our government lean and clean. We believe government must establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility and provide for a common defense. Cradle-to-grave care is taxpayer abuse.

If Obama and other liberals were truly concerned about the middle class, they would support low taxes for everyone. Even if we taxed our so-called 1 percent at the French 70 percent, the middle class would still carry the cost of government.

The emotions of envy and resentment are first cousins. However, the former motivates while the latter promotes internecine results.