The students and staff at Fillmore Elementary School celebrated the wide world of fairy tales with a first-of-its-kind stage production Thursday at the Lompoc campus.

The students performed in “The Granny Awards,” a musical that honored Granny as she retired from the fictitious Fairy Tale Channel. The play was the first at Fillmore to involve students from every grade level.

During the show, which was performed twice for students and then again in the evening for parents and family members, several characters from classic children’s stories were on hand to receive awards, sing their award-winning songs and "dance their hearts out," according to director Frances Robertson.

Jiminy Cricket introduced the characters as they walked the red carpet. The best male vocalist award went to Jack, from "Jack and the Beanstalk"; best female vocalist went to Snow White; best rap was given to Red Riding Hood and the Three Pigs; and the Big Bad Wolf made several appearances to win the coveted best villain award.

The play was directed by Robertson, a Fillmore teacher, with co-direction from teacher Tania Jacobson. Among the volunteers who helped with the production were Linda Robinson, Charlene Asmussen, Rene Lynch, Michael Tremblay, Sarah Wells, Jill Spencer and Michelle Pittenger.

This report was prepared by Willis Jacobson. He can be reached at