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Jenelle Osborne

Lompoc City Councilwoman Jenelle Osborne, pictured here in the run-up to the 2016 election, has been announced as the third nominee for this year's Valley of the Flowers Peace Prize.

Contributed by Vote4Osborne campaign

Lompoc City Councilwoman Jenelle Osborne has been nominated for the 2017 Valley of the Flowers Peace Prize.

In September, after a series of acrimonious council meetings centering on budget deficits, she called directly for a measure of peace among her warring colleagues.

“There’s a level of professionalism that we’re expected bring to this when we’re elected,” she said. “The current behavior from council has been abhorrent.

“I’ve been embarrassed numerous times when I’ve been visiting out of our community, representing it,” she added. “I don’t mind our asking the difficult questions; I don’t mind having hard discussions, but when we impugn individuals, when we attack personalities, when we’re disappointed with them because we don’t agree with them, we are behaving badly.”

Addressing council decorum and its impact on potential investors or homebuyers considering Lompoc, she added:

“They sit and watch these council meetings and they watch our behavior and what might be expected at City Hall. So I would implore my fellow council members to think about professional behavior and what that means and what that reflects on you and how it reflects on our community.”

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Osborne was elected in 2016 after chairing the Lompoc Economic Development Committee and serving the Lompoc Theatre Project, American Association of University Women and the Broadband Consortium of the Pacific Coast. She is a 17-year resident of Lompoc.

Osborne is the third Peace Prize nominee this year. Previously nominated were homeless advocate Shawndel Malcolm and Lompoc library director Sarah Bleyl. Current holder of the prize is Rev. Ronald Wiley.

Nominations can be made prior to Dec. 1 by calling committee chairperson Allie Kay Spaulding at 741-7000 or emailing

The eighth annual Peace Prize ceremony will be held at 3 p.m. Jan. 28 at Valley of the Flowers United Church of Christ.