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Put blame on swamp

Blame Congress and recent presidential administrations for giving us extreme voter anger and Trump, because they failed to act to halt out-of-control illegal immigration, the most lopsided political issue of recent times.

Big special-interest lobby money buys Congress, which cancels out government by the American people.

Richard Dydell 

Santa Maria

No respect for the flag

On April 25 I sent Congressman Salud Carbajal a letter about an American flag that is desecrated with the Mexican emblem in the middle and white and green stripes.

I spoke with his office staff on May 5 and they said they would check with the congressman. To date they have not responded to my letter.

It appears my complaint is not serious enough for him to respond. He ran for Congress as a former Marine. What does our flag mean to him?

The company that is marketing this flag should stop making them. They have no respect for all of the men and women who have given their lives for our country. I would like to know how other citizens feel about our flag.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria

Terrorism is alive and well

Have you ever wondered when you watch the evening news why England and France and other countries have these horrific bombings as with the Ariana concert in Manchester?

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The reason is that those countries let anybody into them without regard to country of origin. I certainly do not agree with all of President Trump's plans, but to the Democrats who raise blocks to this policy, shame on you.

Pelosi and the party are more concerned with votes than reality. Sure we have to be open minded but if the trend is that Somalia sends terrorists, then block people from that country regardless of their faith or belief. Personally I do not care if they are of a different faith or have no faith at all, but if it gives us a buffer temporarily it is good. A few hundred Somalis or people from other banned countries will not affect the quality of living in the USA or our 300-plus year ideals.

We need to break the rhetoric of all political parties and stop listening to the media for the answers. Americans used to be a people of common sense but the trend, especially in California, is to be sheep, believe the tripe we are fed and continue in the same old manner. And by the way, there are not 23 million people being kicked off Obamacare, they are allowed to voluntarily remove themselves from an imposed government requirement. More tripe!

Let’s get back to what Jefferson said, states rights are paramount and let each state control how it treats its people. Washington was not designed to say and dictate how California provides resources to us. Washington is a pit of political slime on all sides.

Jeff Scott