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What were the conversations about?

Democrat or Republican, you should be concerned when politician's surrogates make contact with a foreign power. The FBI was wire tapping Russians. Some of President Trump's campaign staff were caught talking on those wire taps. What was the conversation? Let the public know and then we can move on by forgetting about it, or punishing lawbreakers and undisclosed foreign agents working within our political system. For me, it's not only having honest and forthright representatives, but they must also appear to be so.

What were the conversations about? Tell us Washington.

Stanley Novara

Santa Maria

State wasting added income?

It has come to my attention that the office of the Governor of California may be considering a mandate that local sanitation districts monitor, and establish a norm for the average number of toilet flushes per household.

That in the future, this norm may be used to redefine the way the sanitation districts charge, and that due to excessive use of the sanitation repositories, the people of California could be asked to reduce the number of times they flush the toilet each day.

The results, of course, will be that sanitation district income will be reduced to the point that they will have to increase the cost per flush for the use of our toilets in order to keep their heads above water, so to speak.

Another idea that may be going through the minds of those in charge of taking every possible penny from the illustrious people of California could be to require all citizens to wear breathing apparatus in order to monitor how much oxygen we are consuming and how much the act of breathing in California is contributing to the Global Greenhouse Gas (G-Cubed) crisis.

Not only will this allow the state to monitor the individual’s consumption of an irreplaceable natural resource, but it will be able to require an annual inspection of your breathing apparatus (of course: don’t pass, don’t pay) and it will impose a California Recycle Value on the high-density carbon filters used in the apparatus.

My real concern here is not the added taxes, disguised as fees and assessments, but whether California will be able to find enough ways to waste the added income that these measures could generate.

Michael Farris

Los Alamos

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Thankful for caring during trying time

The Talaugon family would like to thank all the friends and relatives who attended the Celebration of Life for Margie c. Talaugon on May 7. Special thanks to the hotel and caterer for the excellent service they provided. Also, we are grateful to Marian Regional Medical Center, Dr. Fields and the nurses on the second floor and CCU, our cardiologist, and our primary physician at the Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic for their help in seeing us through this trying time.

A huge thank you to Dignity Health Hospice for their compassion and care for their patients. Your guidance and support will be forever appreciated.

The attendance of all the friends and relatives, the love and respect that was shared that day indicates that Margie touched their lives somehow. We as a family appreciate that with all our hearts. It was a day to remember the life of Margie and the work she did in the community over the years.

Many happy memories were shared, along with poetry and music which she loved all her life. There are not enough words to express the appreciation from us all for you being there to celebrate her wonderful life.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to you and we will keep her memory in our hearts.

Joe R. Talaugon and family