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Who controls drug trade?

How is the Lompoc City Council going to control the legal distribution of marijuana in town? A big question.

Right now it is totally out of control and on the street everywhere. You buy what the guy on the corner or in the back alley gives out for his fee. You have no idea what is in it or where it comes from. There is no quality control.

Stupid people do stupid things. So the council is faced with trying to make it right. In doing so, they have become responsible for the safety of the drug for the user, the council becomes the FDA, the pharmacy and is responsible for any quality failures.

Does the council have the funds to administer this kind of responsibility?

Justin Ruhge


Not changing any minds

The chaos Donald Trump's created is so abundant and obvious that it's difficult to single out a single issue as the worst.

There's his narcissism confirmed by 2,200 psychologists and psychiatrists who risked their money and reputations by signing petitions warning American of the danger of Trump represents.

This illness accounts for his constant lying, lack of empathy, constant attacks on the press and others, and the total absence of a normal moral and ethical compass. He's a greedy womanizer, who brags of his conquests; his unprecedented refusal to release his tax forms is proof of something lethal in them. The list of personal flaws is endless, including the facts that he's ignorant of anything but business dealings and too lazy to get informed.

He's surrounded himself with yes-men and women and made lethally cruel cabinet appointments. The Trump family costs tax payers millions in an unprecedented need for Secret Service protection. And like many other tyrants, he constantly denigrates the press, never more critically important than now in their watchdog roll.

His tax and healthcare proposals benefit the rich and hurt most others. Ultimately, however, it's useless to try to identify and argue that any single issue is the worst. Those who have a brain, think critically, pay attention to what's going on in the world, see and understand what's so clearly before their eyes every single day, don't need more reminding of his many failings.

They're already sick at heart from his election. And those who don't think, don't keep up with the daily chaos, and don't critically examine what they do see, would not have their stolid, brainwashed minds changed by logic. So if purely by chance, whatever your political persuasion, you read this letter to the editor, forget it and go about your business.

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Jack Miles

Santa Maria

Changing our language?

Is Kellyanne Conway changing our language? Today, my wife laid out the route for our day of shopping. "A circle," she announced. I pointed out that according to the route and stops she had selected, it was not a circle, but a line up and back with a side trip. She just looked at me and said, "It is an alternative circle." Fine with me because a happy wife is a happy life.

Stanley Novara

Santa Maria