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Obama left a big mess

I can see a great difference between Presidents Trump and Obama.

Obama was a liar who divided Americans. He and Democrats created riots and protests. He was arrogant, which turned our allies against us and caused friction. If you like your doctor, you can keep him — a lie.

Arab Leaders who met with President Trump in Saudi Arabia took him seriously because he exuded confidence and a desire for unity. His trip to Israel healed the rift between the United States and Israel that Obama created with his disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

When Trump gets rid of all the damage Obama and Hillary Clinton did to our national security, the world will be a safer place. Obama's team turned out to be exactly the opposite of what Obama wanted Americans to believe. Terrorists have started to expand around the globe, thanks to a community organizer who went on an apology tour when he first took office.

What a mess Democrats under Obama and Hillary have created from their intentional crimes against America.

Ed Pilkington

Santa Maria

Inspired to write

I live in the Highlands of Scotland and read with great interest the recent story in the Santa Ynez Valley News about some of your local residents visiting the Italian chapel in Orkney.

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My wife and I went to Orkney on honeymoon in 2005 and visiting the chapel changed my life. I was so moved by the experience I spent the next four years finding out as much as possible about the events surrounding the building’s creation. It was built by Italian POWs during WW2.

Although it’s known around the world, no one had ever researched its history before and there were some amazing discoveries. This included the story about the Italian blacksmith, who made the beautiful rood screen, falling in love with a local woman, a fact known only to a few of his immediate family. He left a token of his love in the chapel, which was something that no one had realized.

The research took me on an extraordinary journey during which I made friends with people around the world, including the descendants of many of the POW artists. In addition, I was inspired to write my debut novel. Having found out so much information I was determined to let other people know.

“The Italian Chapel” was published by Black & White Publishing. I followed this with a non-fiction book, “Orkney’s Italian Chapel: The True Story of an Icon.”

Philip Paris