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Parenthood and education

Too many teenagers are uniformed about sex. Because of the lack of proper sex education in public schools, some girls get pregnant before their high school graduation.

To avoid this serious issue in California, sex education should remain mandatory in California’s public school curriculum to inform teens of the consequences of teenage pregnancy.

Most teen parents will have to drop out of high school and not graduate because they must care for their child. They will not have time to attend school or focus on assignments.

Teenage parents will have the responsibility of supporting themselves and their children by working long hours to make ends meet.

Due to the stressful duties and responsibilities of having a child, teen mothers are often left single and hardly have help from the child’s father.

According to Stanly J. Swierzewski, teenage mothers receive parental care less often than older women because the lack of knowledge of motherhood at a young age.

According to Chris Peak, teenage pregnancy has dropped 60 percent from 1991 to 2015 in California. Sex education should be more encouraged in California’s public school curriculum to reduce the teenage pregnancy even more, and instead of teenager dropping out of school, they can further their education.

Nathalia Tinoco

Santa Maria

Distracted driver issue

Distracted drivers are dangerous, and they’re everywhere.

People have been in very serious accidents due to someone being distracted on their phone. Each day in the United States, more than eight people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes reported to involve a distracted driver, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Several times a day while I’m driving I see drivers next to me on their phones. Sometimes I’m driving behind a car and see the car slowly going to the next lane then immediately go back to the correct lane. I speed up, and just as I imagined, it was a driver with his phone in his hand.

Innocent people have died because texting back or changing music was more important. Drivers can get distracted by very little things. Distracted driving activities include things like using a cell phone, texting, and eating, according to the CDC.

People should devote more attention to the road and more lives would be saved.

Emmanuel Perez

Santa Maria

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SLO pension issue a mess

As one of the successful plaintiffs on the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the city of San Luis Obispo’s rental inspection ordinance, I am pleased with the outcome of our lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the city had promised and spent itself into a financial straitjacket. The city will come back again to try to squeeze more money out of property owners and renters to cover its irresponsible pension costs, as shown by the current unfunded pension liability of $150 million.

Having designed and administered pension plans, I can say the city’s pension and medical insurance benefits are vastly greater than those offered by local businesses. The city benefits should mirror those of the community it serves, not exceed them so greatly. After all, city residents pay the benefits.

Isn’t it ironic that taxpayers cannot afford such benefits for themselves, partly because they pay for the city’s rich employee benefits?

City management has hired itself into a sinking fiscal spiral, which must stop. The solutions are to initiate layoffs, with a serious hiring freeze, and to meaningfully redesign the pension plan for future enrollees.

Matt Kokkonen

San Luis Obispo