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Remembering those so close

My mother, Margaret C. James, passed away on Monday, May 8, at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara.

On Friday, May 6, she started to write a note to her dear friends and was unable to finish it due to lung issues. Here are her thoughts to her friends:

Just a quick note of thanks to you all. I won’t try to mention your names.

Some of you have faded from my immediate life and some have grown ever closer. You have all been an integral part of my being and have enriched the basic fabric of a joyful life. You are in my blessings.

The family of Margaret James

Santa Ynez Valley

Detailing Comey facts

In your recent editorial, “The odor of Trump politics,” you invite letters from those who might disagree with your assessment.

First, you correctly point out that “there are reasons why (FBI Director) Comey may have overstayed his welcome at the FBI, starting last fall when, a few days before the presidential election, he unleashed a broadside on the campaign of Hillary Clinton. …”

At the time, Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, were calling for his head because Clinton had been tarnished.  But, if President Obama had fired him, you would have heard the same cries of impropriety from conservatives, except for your editorial page, which likely would have supported the move based on the content of your current editorial.

Maybe you haven’t read the letter sent by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, “Restoring Confidence in the FBI,” which outlines the reasons for Comey’s firing. Among them was the fact he had clearly overstepped his bounds in the Clinton investigation, thus violating long-standing policies of the FBI.

It is a problem when the investigator becomes the story. Investigators are supposed to expose tangible evidence and submit it to prosecutors who evaluate its merits. That didn’t happen in the Clinton case.

In case anyone was wondering, this editorial clearly establishes the liberal bias of your editorial board.

Ron Fink


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Have a voice in government

I am truly amazed that Latino organizations believe districts will make a difference in voting, when so many in our city are illegal immigrants and cannot vote.

The families I grew up with of Mexican decent are all proud American citizens and certainly do not agree with the Latino organizations.

What difference does it make which side of town you live in? Our city government represents all citizen.

I was born on the westside with many different nationalities, and all of them are wonderful people and friends, and we all voted for the person who was well-qualified to run our city.

There are times we do not agree with their decisions and that is our choice — freedom of speech. If you are unhappy with their decisions, attend City Council meetings and vent your problem. I have — many times.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria