Thugs’ parents deserve blame

2012-12-14T00:00:00Z Thugs’ parents deserve blameMatt Reeves, Lompoc Lompoc Record
December 14, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Prohibition did more for organized crime than the Thompson sub-machine gun ever could. It provided an unlimited, untaxed income windfall and the good fellas never looked back.

For all its good intentions, the 18th Amendment and our current war on drugs prove we can’t keep illegal products out of people’s hands. It’s time to focus on those behind the misuse of dangerous products. Gun dealers are no more responsible for gun deaths than automobile dealers are for fatalities on and along our roads.

One of the more shocking crime statistics comes from President Obama’s hometown. Since January, over 600 have been killed on the streets of Chicago with firearms. The triggers were pulled, mostly, by young thugs who have chosen the gang/drug culture as a way of life — and death.

A civilized society interested in solutions must hold accountable those who have failed in their parental duties. The dysfunctional homes that create gangsters are commonly presided over by a poor, single mother whose children were born out-of-wedlock.

Before Chicago becomes the norm for America, we must have the courage to address the provenance of violent criminals. If we halt the production line of neglected, throw-away children, the availability of firearms becomes irrelevant.

It is time to focus on those who inflict undisciplined children on society. Children with a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, devoid of values, self-control and hope.

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  1. Plover Hunter
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    Plover Hunter - December 22, 2012 10:13 pm
    What name calling??? NOWHERE in our posts are we calling you names! We're certainly challenging your intelligence but by no means are we calling you names.
    This is such a typical liberal response to sense and logic; try to make a useless argument, get caught by the truth by those that ACTUALLY know what they're talking about; then run because you've been served!!!! It's a good thing liberals weren't prevalent in the first 2 world wars, God only knows where this poor country would be today with so many liberals running away because their feelings were hurt.........
  2. Stuck_in_CA
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    Stuck_in_CA - December 18, 2012 9:24 pm
    Because you lost the argument and you have nothing but agenda to fall back on. Maybe you can exchange some tangerines at non-violent re-education camp for a clue.
  3. shrillone
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    shrillone - December 18, 2012 8:20 am
    We've had these arguments before, Stuck and Plover go to name calling. I'm out.
  4. Plover Hunter
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    Plover Hunter - December 17, 2012 10:42 pm
    shrillone, you keep breaking wind and we ALL have to smell it!! Your post should be an embarrassment to your cause (whatever that may be) AND the ilk that actually back you up...
    I hate to tell you but biblical principals and Christianity was alive and well LONG before the Constitution; biblical principals is what prompted the Declaration of Independence! Christianity is what prompted the Constitution as it was written in 1776. To refer to the Founding Fathers as deists tells me one thing about you! YOU are NOT an AMERICAN nor have you EVER been!!! And don't even get me started on how women should be treated equal! I'm still waiting for the day that women treat men equal......
  5. Stuck_in_CA
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    Stuck_in_CA - December 17, 2012 8:36 pm
    Which came first shrill, Christian values or the Constitution? Did you know the founders? Did they describe their faith to you or are you regurgitating the latest leftist spin on what motivated them? You are a sad person.
  6. Stuck_in_CA
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    Stuck_in_CA - December 17, 2012 8:30 pm
    Shrill, what do you call a woman who can’t string two sentences that make sense together who has three babies from three different men and is living rent free, food free, and healthcare free at our expense? Sure a man was involved in the act and we have a pretty good system in place to chase those guys down and make them pay but whats collected is never enough and we have to pay for the system that tracks them down. Sure some women need help and I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bath water but this system is fraught with fraud and people who game the system which takes away from the people who truly deserve and need it. How do you feel about them? How do you explain the pathetic state of the relief they get from taxpayers because of all the fraud that goes on which reduces what is available for them?
  7. shrillone
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    shrillone - December 17, 2012 8:54 am
    Our nation was NOT founded on biblical principals nor on Christian ideals, it was founded on the Constitution. Most of the Founders were Deists, not Christians.

    This statement: "And especially in the case of a male, a woman cannot, except in rare instances, grow a boy into a man - generally he stays a boy and becomes a drag and, in many cases, a danger to society. ... " is about as uninformed as one can get. I know many men who were raised primarily by their mothers, my own son included, who happen to be strong yet gentle, emotionally well-rounded (able to feel sadness as well as ANGER), understand the issues that women face in this world and treat women like their equals instead of like the "lowlifes" Stuck seems to think they are. I wholeheartedly agree that men need to stand up and take their share of raising the children they produce, which means following through on their promises and commitments. Otherwise, vasectomy needs to become much more common in our culture.
  8. Stuck_in_CA
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    Stuck_in_CA - December 16, 2012 9:35 pm
    Quit paying lowlifes to make babies and in 12 years or so we'll start to see an improvement. Also, outlaw crazy. Why should society live in fear of the mentally unbalanced in order to protect their civil rights at the expense of our own? VA Tech, crazy guy who everyone feared with a gun, Arizona Gabbi Gifford, crazy guy with a gun everyone feared, and now Connecticut. To blame the gun is an absolutely simplistic approach that only denies the rights of people like me to defend ourselves from the crazies who see a gun as an instrument of mas murder or their own suicide.

    I'm sick inside for those kids and their families, but to use this tragedy as an agenda to take more freedom from the 99.9% of gun owners who will never harm another human being is what is truly sick.
  9. lovinsteve
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    lovinsteve - December 14, 2012 11:34 pm
    How about holding these young people responsible? As in the first time they mess up? Point and case: a number of years back I was out of town and my 17 yr old had friends over and they were drinking. Harmless? Kids will be be kids? (insert word that prevents me from submitting due to objectionable content or something like that) it's against the law and incredibly disrespectful. A neighbor watching the house called me. I called the police and told them I wanted them in my house and every one of the kids there arrested including my own child. We're talking "good" kids here- scholar athletes celebrating scholarships, University acceptances, the fact they were graduating in the top 10% of their class. They got in the house, one kid was taken to the hospital via ambulance with alcohol poisoning- could have died had the police not come. They couldn't arrest any of the kids because none of the kids would fess up to where they got the alcohol and they had permission from my child to be in my house. I'm not angry at the police mind you, they did what they could, release each kid to their parent and leave mine there. This was the legal system! These kids should have each spent a night or a few in juvenile hall and had to face a judge for this.They should have lost their freedom- put on probation and had to answer to the legal system for this idiotic, irresponsible and criminal behavior! Seriously! I've been told by so many that I over reacted, but I still feel the same. They were all 17. It wouldn't have hurt them one bit, but sure as heck would have taught them a great deal. Of course my child faced consequences, but in my opinion, I was not the only one to whom compensation should have been made, and the only one to issue consequences. I wasn't born yesterday, this wasn't the first time they screwed up, it was the first time they got caught.
  10. TomGilbert
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    TomGilbert - December 14, 2012 1:49 pm
    The issue addressed here is a major problem in our nation. The writer points out the issue of poor, single mothers, but these mothers don’t get pregnant on their own (I think the problem is single mothers period, not just the poor single mothers). It take a male also. I specifically use the term male rather than man, because a real men would stay and responsibly father the children they conceive. We have many boys in this nation never becoming men, even though they get adult bodies, to take up the leadership role in their families, communities and our nation they were meant to take up. One current source of these boy-men is the single mother families. God never meant a mother to raise a child on her own. And especially in the case of a male, a woman cannot, except in rare instances, grow a boy into a man - generally he stays a boy and becomes a drag and, in many cases, a danger to society. I think the figure I have heard is that around 90% of incarcerated males are from fatherless families.

    We also have our government with its inefficient and irresponsible welfare system that encourages the behavior that causes these problems. But that’s a subject for another time. The government will not solve this problem. It is actually helping cause the problem.

    There is another culprit involved in this problem. I believe that is the Christian Church in this nation. I do recognize that there are some pockets of Christians who are working valiantly to remedy this problem, but there is not enough being done in the Christian community overall. Our nation was founded on Biblical principles and I believe that the Christian Church was essentially given the responsibility to oversee the moral foundation of our nation and to build responsible and strong families that would continue to be the foundation of society. A responsible Church and a strong family are to be where a male learns to become a responsible man. When that is missing things fall apart as we see happening in our nation. The Church has failed generally and has opted to turn much of its responsibility over to government bodies, the most inefficient way of dealing with these problems. And now our government is trying to limit what those in the Christian community can do, I think, to gain even more power. In my 60s now, and involved in church life most of that time, I can look back and see what I think is fear or laziness or ignorance, probably all three, in the Church keeping it from truly addressing the job of building responsible men. It is just plain hard work. If the Church does not wake up in a big way I believe our nation will continue down the road to destruction it is currently on.

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