A fitting memorial for Joni Gray

The memorial service for Joni Gray was everything anybody could have wanted. The Elks Lodge managed the event flawlessly. The presenters gave homage to Joni by describing her influence in our community while emphasizing her humanity and her great relationships with individuals.

The music was excellent and connected with important themes in Joni's life. The media was respectful and documented the memorial well. Kudos to all involved.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Joni had been there. A fitting memorial to Joni would be to make sure we honor important people in our own lives while they are still with us to appreciate hearing what we think of them.

Andrew Millar

Santa Maria

Cannabis has many benefits

The legalization of cannabis is somewhat controversial and there’s always going to be two sides of the argument. Some people are going to be against it and some are going to be all in for it. I believe the people who are against it are really misinformed on what the cannabis plant can do medically and the benefits it has to help many people, which brings me to this topic.

A big issue in the United States is heroin and opioid addiction. One the benefits of cannabis is that it can help people who struggle with opioid and heroin addiction. In Leafly.com, the article, “Can cannabis help treat painkiller and heroin addiction?” states, “Advocates argue a growing body of scientific literature supports the idea, pointing to a study in the Journal of Pain this year that found chronic pain sufferers significantly reduced their opioid use when taking medical cannabis.”

That’s big news for a lot of people, especially for the ones who are physically active, such as working out, playing sports etc. who don’t want to deal with painkillers because of the effects they have.

Now, that’s just a small portion of what the cannabis plant can help with. By doing a little bit more research, one can better understand what else it can do medically, such as help with controlling seizures, combatting cancer cells, and helping ease psychological disorders to name a few. Cannabis is not this bad drug that many may think, and if the ones who disagree about having it legalized become opened minded and learn of its benefits, I believe they’ll be all in.

Anthony Perez

Los Alamos

Do your part to eliminate pollution

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A major environmental problem that we are facing now is pollution, which affects mainly air, water, and soil, and thereby our health, flora and fauna.

The website Everythingconnects.org mentions that 40 percent of deaths in the world are caused by pollution in water, air, and soil. Many health problems are caused by the pollution in the air, because factories continue to contaminate the air with hazardous chemicals. Using public modes of transportation, such as buses, trains, and trams also helps.

Pollution in water affects us and the lives of sea animals. The accelerating threat of drought is affecting us mainly; while the climate becomes warmer, the water becomes more polluted every year. Containing spills, such as small oil leaks from cars or storage drums, can help prevent water pollution. Another way is protecting curb inlets and drains; this helps because anything that enters goes directly to streams, rivers, lakes, and other water sources.

Lastly, soil pollution puts plants, animals, humans, and the soil itself at risk. Arable lands are becoming deserts because of fertilizers and pesticides. If this continues, soon there will be less of a chance to feed the growing population. Many people should become more aware how to reduce, recycle, and reuse; this will help nature and also help reduce soil pollution. So make wise decisions on what you’re going to do to save the planet.

Judelia Guzman

Santa Maria