060817 Lompoc graduation 25.jpg

Lompoc High School graduation ceremony.

Len Wood, Staff

Blue or white offers opportunity

Lompoc High Principal Paul Bommersbach has attempted to change a tradition in a way that has caused a problem, but also offers an opportunity.

The graduates themselves may respond to this by choosing the way they dress and the way they seat themselves. There are four choices of dress that honor the traditional colors: all white, all blue, blue cap and white gown and white cap and blue gown.

If the garment renter isn’t prepared to rent in this way, the graduates could make exchanges before they seat themselves in the way they choose.

The graduates might choose to sit with others of the same choice, or in some other way.

I agree with Kaitlynn Vigil, “We, students, were the ones who earned our diploma, therefore we should have a say and choice of what we want to wear,” but I would make it an individual choice and not a collective one. I would not infer any reason for one choice or another. A blue suit and a white hat looks good on some people.

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We choose to call graduation ceremonies “commencement.” That means “beginning.” It indicates the beginning of independent life after education. The graduates are well prepared to make this choice themselves.

Jim Tonge

Santa Maria