Business owner should pay for trolley shade

In your recent article about the Solvang horse-drawn trolley, I assure you a covered area should have been mandated for these beautiful creatures many years ago.

However, while I want a cover for the comfort of these horses, I don't want my taxes to pay for it. Salvador Orona owns this business and must consider this badly needed cover a business expense. The city needs to tell this owner what is required for the horses' well-being and let him get a contractor to do the job.

I understand that at the present time, the trolley staff is not set up to handle charge accounts to pay for rides. If one wants to charge a ride, you are required to go to the ice cream store in Solvang in order to do so. That store is owned by the trolley owner. This lack of customer service may discourage people from a trolley ride.

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Hopefully, those who reside in Solvang will phone our five council members and remind them that our taxes should not be spent on business improvements and neither should loans be made to businesses, as they have been in the past. That's what banks are for.

Hazel Mortenson