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Concerned about 'sanitized' reports

A letter writer mentioned the police investigating backyards, and I would have to agree completely. I'm not sure if it's the news people themselves, the City Council, Mayor, or City Manager, or if it's the police, but they sure blow a lot of smoke regarding what they are doing. Animal control goes around looking over fences and writing up dogs they think are unlicensed.

I live near the Santa Maria riverbed and quite often now I see that helicopter flying up and down the riverbed. Once, I believe they were chasing some kids on dirt bikes. As I recall, that helicopter, including fuel, maintenance, and crew, is over $2000/hour to operate. Do they make any of that up when they ticket some kid for trespassing? What is that, a $175 fine? Is it worth risking the crew's lives, the public's lives, plus the kids on the dirt bike's lives, for whatever it is they get out of them in court? 

I truly believe that we are being fed a sanitized version of what really is going on. From putting gang member/drug dealers into witness protection plans, to not publicizing the number of burglaries or the number of car thefts and recovery numbers, they are leaving a lot of information out of the rosy picture they paint in the media.

Have you ever tried to bid a job with your legal construction crew, union or not, guys that have workers comp insurance, health insurance, retirement, vacation pay, unemployment insurance, not to mention state and local taxes and SSI, against a guy that pays none of that to his crew?

It's impossible. Meanwhile, higher insurance rates due to the hit-and-run numbers, the very high percentage of drunk drivers, plus the high percentage of uninsured, unlicensed drivers.

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But they sure have a nice new SWAT vehicle to parade in.

Boris Roberts

Santa Maria