Congress is not small business

Congress is not really interested in repealing and replacing Obamacare. Members of Congress receive taxpayer subsidies when they and their staff unlawfully purchase health insurance through the District of Columbia's small business exchange. Congress is not a small business.

Because certain members of Congress and congressional employees are enrolled in small business exchange, the government is contributing monies contrary to ACA.

"Congress through fraud is violating Obamacare (ACA) to get taxpayers to pay for its health insurance," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. The case currently is before the federal court of appeals.

Until we get a constitutional amendment that says, "Congress cannot pass any bills that they are exempt from following," nothing will change. This includes Obamacare and Social Security. Congress needs to retire under social security benefits.

This would be a step forward in draining the swamp.

Joann Williams

Santa Maria

Idea for multi-use complex a good one

I think building a four-story multi-use building on Main Street and Broadway is a good idea. Union Plaza's a block away. It has seven stores and other smaller complexes. These units are all kept up and people have open space to enjoy.

For older or single people, more apartment living is needed. Has anyone ever thought of putting a mini-Vons or Walmart grocery store inside the mall?

Also, if they offered home delivery to homes within a certain distance, this would really help out the disabled or elderly.

Frances Wilson

Grover Beach

'Unpatriotic' comment raises credibility question

When Donald Trump criticizes football players who take a knee as being unpatriotic, let us remember what our President said about Sen. John McCain, who spent years captive in North Vietnam, being tortured, refusing early release unless his fellow P.O.W.'s were also released: "I like people that weren’t captured, okay?" 

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Donald Trump didn't just insult John McCain, he insulted every P.O.W. ever, including those who died on the Bataan Death March, so when Donald Trump tries to act like a patriot and make points with the troops by going after football players, let's keep his true feelings in mind.

Bill Clausen


Four-story complex not in compliance

The proposed four-story commercial/apartment building at the corner of Broadway and Main Street is absolutely not in compliance with the building code. I know from actual past professional experience. For example, each apartment unit requires one-on-one parking spaces, which would greatly limit the type of business that would want to lease the three commercial units.

Also, I would doubt if city Principal Planner Neda Zayer would like to live in one of the apartments and park her car, as she has proposed, at either the east mall parking structure or at the west mall parking lot. Then, most important, is this accessible to the fire department, paramedics, postal service and the disabled?

I hope that the Santa Maria building department adheres to the requirements of the building, fire and the disabled accessibility codes.

Augie Aguilar

Santa Maria