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COSTCO needs a wind shield

I'm a customer of the local COSTCO and I'm sure that others are also disappointed with the new building plan orientation. Note that most of the new Enos Ranch project buildings face south and not west, like the COSTCO building does.

As a result, the other buildings' entrances are not exposed to the very cold west and north winds. It would be good public relations if COSTCO's management would place a translucent wind shield to protect the outside patio customers and entrance monitors at the front doors, from the very cold wind gusts.

The COSTCO architect should have known that wind shields are common at most restaurant patios here on the Central Coast.

Augie Aguilar

Santa Maria

Primary is important, get out and vote

As the primary election is fast approaching, I'd like to tell you about the education and public service of each Republican running for the 24th Congressional District.

In alphabetical order, Justin Fareed graduated from Santa Barbara High School, got his bachelor's degree in political science from UCLA. After graduation, Justin worked with the UCLA football coaching staff.

He then served as a legislative aide to Congressman Ed Whitfield. He lists his profession as a cattle rancher and currently serves as vice president for his family's business, Pro Band Sports Industries, Inc. Justin ran unsuccessfully for this seat in 2014.

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Michael Woody, after graduating from high school, got his bachelor of science in civil engineering and completed his master's in public administration at J. F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His areas of study include federal, state and local government finance mechanisms, economic development, housing assistance, immigration and business government. He has been a licensed professional civil engineer for 20 years and as a business owner, knows of the struggles. He worked on Lamar Alexander's successful campaign for U. S. Senate in Tennessee.

Remember, the primary is just as important if not more important than the general election because it determines whose name will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Your one vote may swing your entire district into your candidate's column and every time you do not vote, you strengthen the voice of the opposition party. 

Do you love your state, your country? Please use your right as a citizen and get out and vote.

Anita Dwyer