Democrats the culprits

Who do Democrats represent? Is it the citizens of this country? After the last fiasco over funding the government I think not.

Democrats in Congress intentionally shut down this country for the sake of 700,000 illegals. Democrats in Sacramento pass laws protecting illegals. Neither cares about the rest of us citizens. They’re pushing their agenda of creating as many Democrat voters as possible.

Why are they fighting against the border wall? People lock their homes when they leave. Why? To keep unwanted people from entering.

They know these immigrants will mostly vote Democrat because they see the GOP as anti-immigrant. The GOP is trying to put some common sense into immigration and make it what it should be — legal immigration.

So, Democrats scream racism as they do whenever they can’t win an argument with the facts. Bunk.

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Why we keep getting stuck with these leaders who don‘t have our citizens’ best interests in mind can only be blamed on voters who keep sending the same people back into government. Wake up and realize they aren’t doing you any favors. Do a little research and vote with your brain and not a phony TV soundbite.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria