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Drinking and driving is a choice

I'm writing in response to the tough drunk driving laws. They're made this way to try and prevent the future pain of all the people involved. You can never replace a person or the lifelong pain of the injuries.

I was 13 when I heard a horrible crash in front of my house. I ran to the car of screaming people and a man placed a 4 year-old boy in my arms. He was dead. This man went on to chase after the drunk driver who was trying to get away. I'll never forget the pain this boy's sister and mom were experiencing, or this little boy's face.

A few years later I came across three motionless men lying in the road, beer cans surrounding them. I had just opened my car door when the first police car showed up. They came over to me first and told me, "We really don't want you to see this."

I had already seen too much. I'm still haunted to this day by what I saw. The men had gone through the windshield.

I don't see how the police and firemen can handle all this pain. Maybe they keep focused on the people they can save. Accidents happen. Drinking and driving is a choice.

Arleen Miller


Keep plastics, trash out of the ocean

I am writing to find ways we as a community can help keep the oceans free of pollution.

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One catastrophic issue in California is ocean pollution of plastics and trash which kill millions of ocean creatures each year simply because as a community we do not pay attention to where we place trash versus plastics.

There are tons of trash floating around the ocean killing marine animals such as turtles and mammals that ingest plastics as a source of food, when in reality they cause major damage and death. Studies have also shown that fish ingest toxic pollution from plastic particles. Not only are we as humans killing marine life but are eating these animals as food which can lead to serious problems.

Two possible ways that we as a community can help prevent plastic and trash from floating in the ocean is by limiting the amounts of plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles are normally used once then tossed in the trash. It is possible that one simple thing that is used in minutes can end up polluting the ocean for a lifetime.

Another possible way to prevent marine pollution is to gather people from our society that are willing to participate in gathering plans and charts to help fight for what is left of our ocean. This can also help to spread the word and help improve our ocean. Take action today. Taking care of our marine life will help us for a better tomorrow.

Kimberly Moreno