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Kudos to DICK'S for gun decision

Kudos to the president/CEO of DICK'S Sporting Goods for the courageous move to remove automatic weapons, and large capacity magazines from all their stores, and to not sell any weapons to those under age 21. This decision represents the loss of a ton of business (and profit), but is a beginning step in the right direction towards a solution for the horrible mass shootings which are occurring at an increasing rate. Well done!

As for the Second Amendment, the First Amendment gives everyone a right to speak. No one can speak if they are dead.

Bill Hogarth


Lack of sanctions against Russia. Sad.

Combining brashness, incompetence and arrogance, President Trump is cheating Americans out of a future free of Vladimir Putin’s influence on future elections. Sad.

At least as sad as that, the once respected GOP has unwisely hitched its wagon to Trump as he yanks them over a political cliff of no return, knowing full well they’ll be thrown under the bus at the first convenient opportunity. The GOP, the party of law and order, at Trump’s bidding has turned against the Justice Department and specifically the FBI, employing reckless, McCarthy-like accusations that only shine the light of obstruction on Trump.

As February 2018 ends, Trump, to this point, hasn’t taken a single action protecting future elections from foreign manipulation, nor has he directed the office of cyber warfare to tighten election security efforts. Nope. Not a single word. Not a single tweet. Putin, in Trump’s mind, either rides clean or more likely has compromising dirt on Trump’s illicit money-laundering businesses with Russian oligarchs.

Worthy of note, Trump has never missed the opportunity to proclaim the Special Counsel’s investigation as a “witch hunt” and insists upon his innocence. Additionally, Trump’s refusal to deliver punishing sanctions against Russia for its trespasses into the 2016 election raises serious questions. Sanctions, by the way, Congress favored 517-5!

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Trump, the Commander-in-Chief, has sworn to protect the United States against any and all threats. But the fact is he is the biggest threat to our American democracy having debased the presidency to a such an extent it is impossible to believe his trustworthiness ever again.

Granted, there are no quick solutions. The 2018 mid-term elections cannot happen soon enough. We are stuck with him until then. Sad.

Doug Ludden