Party line regardless?

In the 1950s, I had a classmate tell me his dad was so dumb because he would vote for a bale of hay running for office if it was on the Democratic ticket.

The other day on the news, I saw the governor of Alabama, a Republican, say she had no reason not to believe Roy Moore's accusers. However, she was going to vote for him because he was a Republican.

I guess it's true — one gets the government one deserves.

Let's hope and pray enough voters cast ballots for a government of honest, moral and ethical individuals. It's not enough to just appear as such, they must also factually be as such.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria

DACA dream a nightmare

It’s difficult to understand why the students named Dreamers have to face hard situations in their lives, why they have to pay for the decisions of their parents, and why they don’t have the same opportunities as other U.S. citizens, when the only thing they expect is to have an opportunity to get out of the shadows and excel like any other person of their age.

Among the affected Dreamers is my best friend Katya, who continues her studies through the Dream Act, has a good job, pays taxes, is an excellent woman and wants to be a nurse, knowing that bilingual nurses are needed in our community.

These are the types of people who deserve the opportunity to continue to follow their dreams without being afraid of anything.

My friend can’t concentrate on her activities because she is always worried and thinking about her uncertain future. According to CNN, “The Trump administration put an end to the DACA program in September 2017, but the decision is up to Congress.” Now Dreamers are in the hands of Congress, and it is expected that in March there will be a resolution for thousands of Dreamers — otherwise, they will lose their protected status.

I would like a fair solution for people like Katya. She should have a life without fear of a possible deportation, continue with her goals, achieve her dreams and be an example for her children and the country.

Juana Vazquez

Santa Maria

Honesty, integrity should be standard fare

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“This is not normal. This is just not normal.” Folks, how many times have we heard that?

As Veterans Day has come and gone, I am reasonably certain my family members who served with honor in the military did so out of service to country over self. Like most families, my family holds honesty and integrity in the highest esteem, but Commander-in-Chief Trump has proven time and time again what a sloppy, careless relationship he has with truth and human dignity.

It’s been a year since the 2016 presidential election, and as frustrating as it is, the United States and the world have become more dangerous and menacing largely through Donald Trump’s arrogance and brittle ego. Trump has done nothing to move us forward to a safer world but has significantly increased the up-tempo erosion of our safety and peace of mind by shamelessly assaulting values so many vets took an oath to protect.

Yet, as 2018 approaches, I worry some of us have already become numb to the sheer volume of daily, sometimes hourly, assaults on truth. It’s exhausting to sustain outrage. I know because I feel it, but I personally pledge not to give in and accept our president’s character as normal. It is not. And to the loyal, obedient Trump supporters: You claim yourselves to be sincerely patriotic, but if you love this country like you say you do, how can you turn a blind eye and ignore and excuse behaviors against values that, maybe, you and your family fought to preserve?

Honesty and integrity are traits we can all agree are fundamental to the well-being of this nation, and we shouldn't have to question why our president doesn’t feel the same way. We deserve better. Especially veterans.

Doug Ludden