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People at Mission Hope really do care

As with Bill and Louise Racine, I had never imagined having to be treated at the Mission Hope Cancer Center. The people there make a very unpleasant, devastating, life changing diagnosis and treatment as tolerable as they can possibly make it, and they really do care.   

I wish Bill and Louise the best possible outcome, they are in good hands.

Robert Jones 

Santa Maria

Refusing to legitimize slavery

The Santa Maria-Lompoc Branch of the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) writes to express disappointment in the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also troubling is a letter about slavery published as we honor and recognize someone who fought and gave his life to end segregation, discrimination, and racism in this country.

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Truly, do descendants of slaves care that there were slaves prior to Africans being stolen from their native land and brought to the U.S. or the origin of the word? The fact is, slaves were human beings, were stolen from their native land, packed into ships like sardines, lying in the same position for days, in their own feces and urine, brought to a unfamiliar land, forced to do back breaking labor, raped, beaten, tortured, often torn from their families, and sometimes forced to do things such as have sex with their “Master” or “the Master’s son,” while the mother, father, son and/or daughter stood by helpless to stop this brutality.

Attempts to dehumanize the human being, legitimize slavery, the origin and humanity of it, serves only the people who say they “are not racist, bigots or haters.” We will not allow history to re-write itself and will not stand idly by as attempts are made to sanitize slavery. 

Lawanda Lyons-Pruitt


Santa Maria-Lompoc NAACP