Pot growers should go somewhere else

Does anyone else find it the least bit odd that Santa Barbara County and marijuana growers are working together? What brings these two seeming enemies together now? In a word, greed.

Who benefits from permitting the commercial growing of pot? Santa Barbara County, from substantially increased tax revenues, revenue the county could not get from residential growth since the Tepusquet owners pled for and received a zoning requirement of one home per 40 acres. And the growers, who have inexpensive land and cheap water which will generate millions in revenues.

Meanwhile, families that have lived in the canyon since patents were distributed in the 1800s, who dry farm and produce cattle and who live on springs and well water, will be pushed to the brink of extinction. Can you imagine for even a second, families who have multi-generational roots ending up with no water because of the excesses of greedy pot growers and a county willing to allow that to happen?

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While individuals growing six or fewer plants for personal use is probably not harmful, the plan before Santa Barbara County will destroy lives and history and a beautiful canyon. Call your supervisors and tell them the pot growers can compete for agricultural land someplace else.

Francis Remkiewicz