Rescue pups get some help

On behalf of Old Yeller Ranch Rescue I would like to thank everyone who came out to play in our recent FORE-Paws fund-raiser tournament. It was a beautiful day.

A special thanks to our great sponsors, contributors and participants.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help. And special thanks to Tournament Director Rebecca Lewis, for all she did to make it such a huge success.

Our wonderful doggies love you all.

Rick Lee

Old Yeller Ranch Rescue


True public servants needed more than ever

The tragic flooding in Houston has forced the city planners there to take a serious look at development and environmental mistakes. It highlights how important it is that each and every decision by our elected officials made in good times, also takes into consideration the possible bad times down the road.

It is imperative that when a person is elected to public office, that they put all of their prior loyalties in a separate box … community organizations, churches, donors, neighbors, friends, family, business associates, etc.

Only the untethered, unbiased, objective, informed, common sense approach to every situation should be the foundation for decisions that affect all of us. The question must always be asked, will this also best serve the future?

Immediate gratification cannot override future negative consequences, no matter how much pressure is applied by those who will benefit now. It is a difficult job to withstand the blowback from taking a firm stand for doing the right thing. Especially if it requires sacrifice.

It takes a very strong, grounded person to hold public office for the common good. Such individuals have never been needed more. We have to keep breathing oxygen into the selfless concept of being a true public servant.

Connie Ford,


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Democratic Club of Santa Maria Valley

Aera Energy project makes sense

I read with interest a letter from a reader who opposes Aera Energy’s plan to drill more wells at an existing oil field, citing vague assumptions about risks.

Considering oil extraction has been ongoing at East Cat Canyon for the last century, under progressively stricter regulations, it would seem a logical location for additional production.

This project makes sense in that it will produce energy while creating jobs and generating more revenues for the City’s coffers in a location already earmarked for precisely that activity.

Aera has been an exceptionally good neighbor, keeping property-owners nearby fully informed of the company’s plans, addressing our concerns and welcoming our input. I’m confident this project will be no exception.

Ben W. Laverty III, PhD, CSP, FACFE, CEPA