Trump tax bill will prove Democrats wrong

A recent article by yet another anti-Trump ankle biter talks about how horrified he is by President Trump – how he’s belittled our allies, demonized our immigrants and endangered our environment – all the usual lies leftists spew forth on a daily basis.

He talks about the whole Russian thing, which after 11 months and nearly $7 million dollars has yielded no evidence whatsoever, how Trump is undermining America by deregulating the EPA and repealing Obama’s health care debacle, and that as horrible as Trump is it could be worse, which of course would be true if Hillary had been elected.

She would not only have increased a growing liberal trend that has made a mockery of the Presidency, the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ and the mainstream media, but we’d also have two women abusers and compulsive liars in the White House instead of being in jail where they belong.

It’s worthy to note that unlike Trump’s promise to put America first, Hillary’s website has open tabs on ethnic, religious and sexual minorities – all related to the nature of diversity, power and oppression – but not one mention of her vision of a true American community.

The only thing Democrats seem to stand for now is hating Trump. They’d rather criticize his tweets than recognize his many accomplishments, of which sources like Magapill list somewhere around 200 month by month and counting. Yet all we hear from Democrats are hysterical attacks on Trump’s horrible tax bill, which of course will end up being their worst nightmare.

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“It’s the worst bill ever!” screams Nancy Pelosi, and “It’s Armageddon for Republicans!” when unfortunately Trump’s tax bill will actually prove to be Armageddon for the Democrat Party, and they know it.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles