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Violence is not caused by guns

The only thing California liberals hate more than Donald Trump is the NRA. For example, a recent article in the Sacramento Bee accuses Republican Senator Kevin McCarthy of hypocrisy for sympathizing with the Florida shooting victims while taking money from the NRA. Entitled “McCarthy Tweets Sympathy for Dead Children As He Takes NRA Money,” the writer says, “Let’s take a close look at the hearts of all the members of the Republican congressional delegation,” and then proceeds to list all the money Republican delegates received from the NRA last year.

This writer’s not only trying to make us think that the NRA is ‘buying’ Republican politicians, but that giving money to organizations who agree with their agenda is a Republican political ploy to fool people.

He ignores the fact not only that hundreds of political groups give money to people who agree with their agenda, but that the NRA kills zero people and takes zero taxpayer dollars a year. Planned Parenthood kills thousands of babies and takes half a billion taxpayer dollars a year while, according to Google, spending spent a total of $38 million dollars to elect or defeat Republican candidates for federal office.

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Democrats hate Trump because he puts America first and hate the NRA because it’s defending the 2nd Amendment. They don't understand that the violence is not caused by guns, but by an epidemic of mental illness that's promoted by liberals who insist on confusing truth with deception.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles