The week was fraught with high scores, series with just one high game, bowlers coming out of slumps, and terrific competition between teams. The Youth and Draft Leagues rolled into week 2, The Classic and Nuts leagues into week 3, and the rest of the leagues into week 4. So dear readers, lets read about the highlights.

Youth League

Teams 1 and 5 went 4-0 on week 2. Jacob Brown rolled the week’s high series, a dandy 196/482. Stephen Hawkinson rolled a nifty 174/461, Kylianne Mcquire a delightful 177/453, and Cyrus Nasr a decent 162/422.

One bowler rolled three consistent beauties and another a stepladder trio. Ziva Isbell rolled games of 41, 46, and 42 for a 129 set while Nelson York rolled a stepladder trio of 87, 86, and 85 for a 275 total.

Ava Nasr anchored the weekly honors list with three beauties of 91, 92, and 87 for a 260 series.

Draft League

Team 4 won 18 of 20 team points while Team 8 won 16.

Rick Meneley was high for the week with his smashing 263/907 series. Eric Ramey scattered a 267/828 on lanes 3-4 and Shawn Gardner stroked a 211/755 on lanes 5-6. John Rocksvold anchored the weekly honors list with terrific games of 174, 181, 176 and 195 for a 726 series.

Not too shabby for a 130 average shooter. Congratulations, John!

Week 3 for the Classic Commercial and Mixed Nuts had some highs and some lows. We will report only on the highs.

Classic Commercial

Vargas Jewelers was the only unbeaten team on week 3. Bill R. Brooks led the team to victory with his very nice 200/580 series. Bill D. Brooks was high for the week with a terrific 256/663 series.

Jules Hain continued his onslaught of the pins rolling a powerful 240/654 series. Pat Terek broke a six (234/601), Mark Altshuler was close (215/596), while Lynn Bond flirted with his six rolling a 204/587 set. Bill R. Brooks and John Vasquez anchored the weekly honors list with 580 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

The Momma’s & Pappa went 8-0 on week 3. Lee McClatchey led the team to victory with his dandy 190/543 series. His beloved, Melva, helped with her respectable 176/481 series. Robert Rivas was high for the week with a nifty 246/636 set. Bill D. Brooks stroked a 275/630 and Richard Ramirez a 225/617. Howard Gould rolled a very nice 213/580 and Liza Rodrigues anchored the weekly honors list with her delightful 182/539 series.

Now for the week 4 leagues:

Tuesday Hits N Mrs

A Super Week! The Pin Pushers went 4-0. Nita Phenicie and Doc Hollister rolled all three of their games over their average and Susan Meile led the Pin Pushers to victory with her exciting pair of 135 games and 410 series. Karin Keys was high for the week with her powerful 174/481 series. Glory Garcia rolled a nifty 158/444 set and Amy Davis anchored the weekly honors list with her 163/403 series.

Tuesday Indepedent

Wow! Hank Dederding rolled an awesome 243/590 series and Dianne Raynor a fabulous 195/546 set. Becky Gordon blasted the pins for a terrific 235/571 and Justin LeCavalier had a thrilling 233/537 series. Vanessa Sessler smiled all the way home after stroking one of her highest series, a thrilling 180/470. Gloria Salgado was fantastic with a 235/584 series while Doc Hollister broke a four (142/404) as did Ron Morrison with three consistent beauties of 142, 144, and 145.

Howard Weinapple was high for the week with a nifty 247/658 set. Casey Cypert also broke a six with his powerful 236/636. John Vasques stroked a mean 209/585 while The Deadly One broke out of a slump shooting a 240/572 series.

Dante Garner had a great evening with his 234/513 series while Jim Schneider anchored the weekly honors list with his decent 171/425 series.

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Wednesday Morning Ladies

Three of the winning teams went 4-0: 24T, One-Ders, and Hi Lo. Cindy Clayton was high for the week with her 186/479 set. Nita Phenicie rolled a delightful 168/457 series. Irene Soderquist rolled a nifty 144/413 and Edith Miller anchored the weekly honors list with games of 86, 89, and 84 for a cheerful 254 series.

Grey Panthers

Week 4 saw a super 702 series off the powerful arm of Pat Smart, a nifty 633 by Greene Senior, and a huge 268/630 by JR Alhambra. Just Enuf and Team 14 won all four team points and Sir Richard broke a five with his terrific 193/514 set. Lynn Bond scorched lanes 13-14 for a 217/576 and The Deadly One continued his fine shooting with a 214/571 series.

Glory Garcia rolled a delightful 209/504 series and Doc Hollister and Nita Phenicie gave Pat Smart super help in the team victory with the Doc rolling 162/441 and Phenicie three consistent games for a 394 set. Phil Hiles rolled a nifty 156/428 series and Linda Woo closed the weekly honors list with three consistent beauties and a 384 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Pin It To Win It and Split Happens won all eight team points on week 4. Eddie Caldwell and John Cramer accomplished something rarely done in team bowling at the Surf. Both rolled 705 series. Caldwell had games of 227, 210, and 268; Cramer games of 226, 248, and 231.

Great shooting, guys! Congratulations!

A third member of the team, Dustin Isbell, rolled 233/601 and the fourth member struggled to a 191/527 set. What a night for the team! Eric Ramey rolled a 235/639 set, Mike Pistulka a 267/628, and The Deadly One a fine 220/606 series.

Joshua Palmanteer stroked a nice 215/605, Mark Rosone a great 215/578, and Jeff Greick a nifty 201/530. Pat Russo closed the weekly honors list with games of 85, 89, and 90 for a back patting 264 series.

Until next week dear readers and bowlers, love and friendship always.

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