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Magnificent, absolutely magnificent.

Jacob Brown rolled a colossal 661 series on week 15 of the Youth League. He rolled three deuces of 244, 210, and 207 leading his team to a 4-0 victory on lanes 5-6. Congratulations, Jacob. Very well done!

Youth League

Teams 2, 3 and 7 won all four team points on week 15.

Scoring was very good with Kylianne Mcguire breaking a five (191/501) and three other stars breaking a four.

Catalina Isbell had a terrific outing with her three games well above her average. She finished with a great 139/355 series. Robbie York rolled three plus-150 games and a 461 series. Stephen Hawkinson rolled a very decent 189/457 set and Cyrus Nasr a nifty 163/430 series.

Ethan Norris bested his average for all three games scoring a solid 450 series. Nelson York anchored the honors list with his terrific 154/376 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

All of the winning teams went 3-1 on week 18.

Jill O’Guin was the top shooter with a nice 168/455 series.

Jennie Limus rolled a 153/437 set, Glory Garcia a 152/429 and Mary Hall a 164/426 series.

Chris Miller rolled a 144/410 and Amy Davis anchored the honors list with her 155/381 series.

Tuesday Independent

Three 4-0 team winners on week 18: Bowling Mates with Henry Green leading the way with his fine 213/626 series; Whatever with Don Lown pacing the team with his great 194/550 set and Just One More with John Vasques stroking a terrific 230/649 series.

Scoring for the week was exciting.

Bob Corser rolled a 225/608, Gloria Salgado a 219/606 and Casey Cypert a 269/601.

Julio Reyes stroked a 202/579 series, Scott Barbee a 192/546 and Rick Brown a 210/529.

Nita Phenicie rolled a terrific 187/514 series, Lori Segura a 182/512 set and John Witman a 208/510 series.

Carmen Vasques rolled a delightful 171/481, Jim Schneider a sparkling 162/460 and Vanessa Sessler a cheerful 165/446 series.

Mia Heggie rolled a 153/426 set, Simone Becker a 130/349 set and Susan Morrison anchored the honors list with her average busting 156/401 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

There were two 4-0 team winners on week 18: Hi Lo with Carol Mitchel scoring a 140/367 set and Brenda Zura a 76/208 series; Gutter Snipes paced by Judy Lougen (159/441) and Doc Hollister (135/390).

In other league action, Valerie Ross rolled a 137/405 set, Geneva Smith a 143/399 series and Ann Grimes anchored the honors list with her 134/373 series.

Grey Panthers

Two pins.

Just two pins separated Patrick Smart from scoring a perfect 300 game.

He opened his match with a somewhat mild 211, followed with a 214, and then stroked 11 perfect strikes and the 8-pin 298 final game for a 723 series.

His team won all four team points with teammates Nita Phenicie (157/411) and Doc Hollister (150/375) helping Patrick to the win.

Hearty congratulations to Patrick for his terrific game and series.

There were three 4-0 team winners on week 18: Just Enuf with Patrick, Nita, and the Doc; Team 3 with Doris Fredieu leading with her excellent 197/531 series; Team 10 paced by Julio Reyes and his 226/551 series. In other weekly action, JR Alhambra rolled a fine 213/612 series, Christine Jeszeck a 192/528 set, and Glory Garcia a decent 170/484 series. John Jeszeck rolled 160/443 series, Amy Davis a 157/416 set and Jerry Furnari anchored the honors list with his terrific 254/633 series.

Classic Commercial

Bumatay and Team Bud won all four team points on week 17.

Howard Gould joined Patrick Smart on the weekly super stroke list with his triplicate series of 202.

Congratulations, Howard! Bowling a triplicate is not easy. You are commended for your achievement!

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John Rocksvold led Bumatay to its victory with a very nice 226/617 series. Howard Gould helped with his trip 202 games!

Bill Brooks (244/690) and Lynn Bond (218/633) paced Team Bud to its win.

In other league action, Jeremy Jenkins rolled a 216/574 series and Jason Ferguson a 130/361 set.

Pierre Chaldu anchored the honors list with a deuce and a five. His super scoring included a 206 game and 505 series.

Thursday Intramurals

The Heroes and Spaceballers won all eight on week 18.

Shaun Gardner (232/677) and John Rocksvold (232/669) led the Heroes to victory.

Herb Lee paced the Spaceballers with his 167/459 series.

In other league action, Ray Brooks rolled a super 244/647 series, Henry Green a 220/578 set and Vernon Smith a 217/572 series.

Dustin Isbell smashed a 205/573 set, the Deadly One a 224/567 series and Barry Stringer a 193/566 set.

David Peters rolled a 200/516 series and Matt Smith anchored the honors list with his 167/476 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

There were no 8-0 winners on week 15.

Michael Cummins led the players in scoring with a very nice 226/642 series. Ray Brooks joined Michael in the six club with his nifty 226/627 series. Lauren Hicks stroked a great 202/585 set and Lynn Bond a decent 236/581 series.

Don Lown smashed a 190/518 series and Rebecca Getzen anchored the honors list with three games over her average and a 400 series.

Dear Readers

Thank you for your enjoyment of the wonderful sport of bowling. Until next week, love and friendship, always!

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