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The Surf Youth went on a rampage in week 18, scoring eight 400 series and a 214/561 series by Andres Fernandez.

The 400 series were rolled by Jacob Brown (188/497), Cyrus Nasr (209/487), Stephen Hawkinson (169/484), Gryphon Milton (153/448), Robbie York (160/447), Kylianne Mcguire (167/441), Richard Fernandez (151/436) and Michael Lattus (148/419).

Draft League

Eric Getzen and Rick Meneley won 16 of 20 team points on week 4. Meneley rolled a 209/724 set and Getzen a 183/684 for the team.

Meanwhile, the Gardner family won 15 of 20 team points with Shaun rolling a pair of 215 games and an 835 series while Samantha stroked a 222/738 set.

In other league action, Josh Cramer rolled a 225/817 series, Patrick Smart a 258/813 series and Mike Pistulka anchored the honors list with his 211/800 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs

There were no 4-0 team winners on week 24 but the young ladies made up for this with some awesome scores.

Karin Keys led the players with her 178/501 series.

Jill O’Guin rolled a 162/442 and Judy Lougen a 162/442.

Mary Hall was even better with her 179/478 series. Susan Meile had three consistent 150 plus games for a 405 series.

Doc Hollister rolled a 147/400 and Nita Phenicie a 144/395. Dorothy Avila anchored the honors list with three games over her average and a 391 series.

Tuesday Independent

NO CAP and Just 4 Fun won all four team points on week 24.

Bob Corser led the NO CAP crew with a 210/606 series while Jeffrey Benda led the Just 4 Fun team with his 179/468 set.

The players had fun scattering pins all over the pin decks.

Ray Brooks was high for the week with a 266/690 set. Brad Metcalf rolled a 245/638, Tyson Barnes a 231/635 and Henry Green a 144/636.

Bob Stokes Jr. rolled a 222/595, John Vasques a 227/590 and Roy Taatjes a 227/549.

John Keth rolled a 197/560, Dan Becker a 193/535 and Lori Segura a 185/514. Gary Gramse rolled 206/504, Robert Matzie a 211/498 and Vanessa Sessler a 167/448.

Susan Morrison stroked a 158/444 and Doc Hollister held the honors list high showing off her 156/398 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Then Gutter Snipes won all four on week 24. Judy Lougen and Doc Hollister led the team to victory. Lougen rolled a 181/495 and the Doc a 144/357.

In other league action, Carol Mitchel rolled a 178/470, Irene Soderquist a 183/445 and Lisa Milton anchored the honors list with her 146/406 series.

Classic Commercial

Team Bud crushed the pins on week 23 winning all eight team points. Bill D. Brooks led the team with his super 700 series on games of 283, 226 and 191.

Justin LeCavalier stroked a 236/653, Lynn Bond a 227/624, Fred Hierholzer a 206/575 and Bill Henry a 183/483 to end the pin crushing.

The Expendables also won all eight led by Shane Marshall and his 258/696 set.

Shucks, Shane, you missed your seven by just four sticks. Next time, big fellow!

Four players had noteworthy series. Kyle Bailey rolled 243/642, Pat Terek 224/630, Jeremy Jenkins 215/600 and holding the honors list high was George Matzie showing off his 234/594 series. 

Grey Panthers

Individual scoring was off on week 24 but team wins were at an all time high.

Winning all four team points were The Unbowlievables, The Deadly 3, and Teams 1, 5 and 13.

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Terence Woo led the Unbowlievables with his 166/481 series. Jerry Furnari led the Deadly 3 with his 223/604. Lynn Bond paced Team 1 to its win with a fair 209/546.

George Lucaric was the pacer for Team 5 rolling a 167/469 while Art Davis and Gary Gramse led Team 13 with 170/482 and 180/479 series, respectively. 

Thursday Intramurals

Action was fast and furious on week 24. Dwight Rushing and Ray Brooks led the 30 FSS to an 8-0 victory. Rushing rolled a 205/579 and Brooks a 226/577.

Individual scoring was superb for the week.

Daren Childers rolled a 258/697, Mike Pistulka a 262/687 and Erick Ramey a 244/672. Tyson Barnes rolled a 232/653, John Rocksvold a 225/616 and Joshua Palmanteer a 214/602.

Wayne Harris was ever so close to his six (224/595) while Chuck Porter exceeded his average with a 214/536 set.

Raymond Dinio rolled a 215/481, Sandy Odem a 169/465, and Sonya Rosone a 134/358. Kristen Twork anchored the honors list with her 112/322 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

The Splits, Chops Team went 8-0 on week 21. Roy Taatjes led the team to victory with his 220/554 series.

In other league action, Ray Brooks rolled a terrific 228/660 series while Bill D. Brooks had a hold of his bowling towel rolling 223/659.

Eric Getzen rolled 225/582 and his partner Rebecca stroked a 164/462.

Mike Hicks rolled a 206/556 series, Mia Heggie a 151/440 set and Jim Schneider held the honors list high showing off his respectable 155/438 series.

Dear readers

Another glorious week at the Surf!! Thank you, Surf management and bowlers.

Until next week, love and friendship, always!

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