Team 6 of the Friday Mixed Nuts League won all eight team points on week 16 of league play.

Three of the four players had sterling 600 series: Dave Montgomery rolled a huge 248/652, Robert Rivas a 219/617 and Lynn Bond a 235/604.

The team would not have won without Coralee Bond’s better than her average 175/414 series.

Way to fire, gang!

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Three teams won all four team points on week 19. Great scoring!

Mary Hall was the weeks high scorer with a nifty 175/487 series. Glory Garcia rolled a decent 156/438, Pennye Benda a nifty 157/425 and Judy Lougen a dandy 152/420.

Patsy Cruz rolled a terrific 154/370 and Pamela Mazyka anchored the honors list with her great 118/302 series. The weekly team winners were Always Trying, Pin Pushers and OSMIA.

Tuesday Independent

Whatever, No Cap and How We Roll won all four team points on week 19.

Ray Brooks was high for the week with his outstanding pair of 226 games and 656 series.

Great shooting, Ray!

Tyson Barnes rolled a six (223/614) and Howard Weinapple came ever so close to his six rolling a 212/594 series. Gloria Salgado was even closer with her delightful 239/597 set.

Rick Brown rolled a 210/553 series, Gary Gordon a 193/546 and Patty Nelson a huge 190/542 series.

Chuck Porter rolled a nice 231/533 set, Lori Segura a delightful 188/519 series and Ron Morrison a great 185/518 set.

David Smith rolled a 192/515, Sandi Odem a 190/512 and Jim Schneider a 178/496. Judy Lougen stroked a terrific 168/467, Blanche Leaf a nifty 170/435 and Doc Hollister a fair 164/413. Jeffrey Benda anchored the honors list with his terrific 213/561 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

All of the winning teams went 3-1 on week 19.

Cindy Clayton was high for the week with a blazing 167/467 series. Judy Lougen stroked a nifty 158/440, Valerie Ross a 137/389 and Ann Grimes a 141/360.

Sylvia Manweiler anchored the honors list with her dandy pair of 120 games and 353 series.

Grey Panthers

Three 4-0 team winners on week 19: Always Trying, Just Enuf and Team 9.

Patrick Smart led his Just Enuf team with a fiery 267/693 series. His teammates added their blazing series to the team win. Nita Phenicie rolled a 136/391 set and Doc Hollister a 142/380 series. In other weekly action, Lynn Bond rolled a superb 246/651 series on lanes 5-6. Terrell Day also had a six, a 222/608 on lanes 13-14 and Lee McClatchey came ever so close to his six rolling a nifty 242/595 series on lanes 15-16.

Joe Bousquet was on line with a 190/558 set.

Roy Taatjes rolled a terrific 224/550 series and Melva McClatchey a delightful 176/501 set. Karin Keys rolled a wonderful deuce (203) and great 488 series. Glory Garcia rolled a 177/465 set and Connie Amarel a pair of 139 games and 404 series.

JR Alhambra anchored the honors list with his first-class 245/647 series.

Classic Commercial

Week 18 had three 8-0 team winners: Fear Nothing, Vargas Jewelers, and A&E.

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Paul Feeley led the 600 shooters for the week with a 255/651 series. Pat Terek stroked a 233/648 set and Frank Hain a 215/607 series. Fred Hierholzer rolled a 208/563 set, Ann Stevens rolled a 188/467 set and Bill Brooks anchored the honors list with his dandy 246/610 series.

Thursday Intramurals

There was one 8-0 team winner on week 19: the 614 ACOMS.

Erick Ramey led the team to its win with a sparkling 243/665 series. Scoring for the week was decent. John Rocksvold was one pin shy of a triplicate. He rolled games of 211, 210, and 211 for a 632 series. Great set, John!

Howard Gould had a blockbuster of a series (252/687) while three other players had sixes: Colby Cone (220/621), Eddie Caldwell (211/617) and Tyson Barnes (223/604).

Vernon Smith rolled a 233/590 and Wayne Harris a 235/582. Dwight Rushing rolled a 187/520, Thomas Dekowski a 179/480 and Paul Land a 159/446. Katherine Ramey anchored the honors list with her delightful 155/416 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

There were three 8-0 team winners on week 16: Momma’s & Pappa, Splits, Chops and Team 6.

The powerful scoring of Team 6 was mentioned in the opening of this Mutterings. Powerful indeed!

In other weekly action, Bill Brooks rolled a nifty 212/604 series, Ray Brooks a respectable 205/573 set and Don Lown a quiet 191/552 series. Lee McClatchey punched out a 194/530 set and Jeremy Barnett a 185/506 series.

Elaine Schneider anchored the honors list with her terrific 172/481 series.

Dear readers

Another week! They go too fast! Take care, have a great weekend, and remember, love and friendship, always!

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