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He did it!

Terrell Day rolled bowling’s ultimate achievement, a 300 game.

Bowling on lanes 9-10 in the Classic Commercial League, Terrell achieved the goal of every bowler, a perfect game of 12 consecutive strikes.

Our heartiest congratulations to Terrell! He is indeed a credit to the sport of bowling and one of our finest examples of what the sport is all about.

Youth League


Three 4-0 team winners and four 500 series! Week 17 was indeed a joyous one for the youth. Teams 1, 6 and 7 won all four team points.

Stephen Hankinson and Anderes Fernandez led Team 1 to victory. Hawkinson shot a terrific 210/535 and Fernandez an equally terrific 180/528.

Heather LeCavalier led team 6 to its win with a delightful 158/384 series.

Nelson York was the leader for Team 7 with his 134/345 set. Richard Fernandez and Cyrus Nasr blazed 500 series for the week. Fernandez rolled a 214/518 and Nasr a 185/501.

Great bowling, fellows!

Draft League

The Gardner family paced Team 1 to winning 18 of 20 team points.

Shaun rolled a 183/702 and Samantha a 190/656. Three players broke 700 on week 3: Ray Brooks led with a 195/721, John Rocksvold had a 219/709 and Mike Pistulka a 180/704.

Josh Cramer held the honors list high showing off his 203/694 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs

The Lunch Bunch with Nita Phenicie leading the team with a 161/423 series won all four team points on week 23. Mary Hall was the leading scorer for the week with her outstanding 196/536 series.

For the week Glory Garcia rolled a 164/459, Judy Lougen a pair of 160 plus games and a 446 series.

Karin Keys rolled a 152/440, Amy Davis a 133/385 and Jill Perry held the honors list high showing off her 138/339 series.

Tuesday Independent

There were four 4-0 team winners on week 23. Jerry Furnari led the Hungry Tigers to victory with his 211/565 series.

George Matzie paced The Lucky 7 to victory with his 202/555 series.

Hopin’ N’ Wishin won with Cindy Clayton’s three 160 plus games and super 504 series.

The Hawaii 4-0 crew won with Julio Reyes shooting 202/495 and Chris Ward 172/494.

In league action, Scott Barbee stroked a terrific 217/587, John Vasques a decent 203/553 and Glen Eckert a great 204/550.

Roy Taatjes held the honors list high showing off his 195/541 series.

In other league action, Bob Stokes Jr. unleashed a terrific 257/670 series, Gloria Salgado stroked a delightful 213/575 set, Joe Bousquet a fine 189/535, Felix Contreras a decent 187/497 and Susan Morrison smiled while showing off her 174/454 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

There were two 4-0 team winners on week 23 and two honor players.

Spare Mees won with Cindy Clayton rolling a 169/454 set and Geneva Smith a 152/445 series. 2 4 T won with Ann Rowell’s 107/243 and Shirley Dunaetz’s 300 blind.

The honor players were Judy Lougen with a 181/449 set and Doc Hollister with a 140/370 series.

Grey Panthers

Wow! Lee McClatchey had a ten pin step ladder series on week 23. He rolled games of 160, 170, and 180 for a 510 series.

Way to fire, big fellow!

There were two 4-0 team winners for the week: Team 9 and Team 14.

JR Alhambra (193/521), Don Lown (182/519) and Jim Schneider (164/423) led Team 9 to victory while the Taatjes family and a vacancy led Team 14 to its win.

Roy rolled a nifty 204/536 and Karen a fine 106/280 series.

Terrell Day led the players with his 207/563 series. Jerry Furnari stroked a 211/544, Jim Socia rolled a pair of 193 games and a 522 set and Linda Woo held the honors list high showing off her delightful 156/431 series.

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Classic Commercial

Another congratulations to Terrell Day for his superlative 300 game!

Fear Nothing did just that on week 22 winning all four team points. Pat Terek (240/681) and Mark Altshuler (244/638) paced the team to victory.

In other league action, Shane Marshall rolled a 256/664 set and Jocelyn Carl a 236/642 series.

Justin LeCavalier rolled a terrific 235/607, Jerry Panel a 221/603 and Bill D. Brooks a 207/601. Kyle Bailey rolled a 212/581, George Matzie a 235/562 and John Flores held the honors list with pride after rolling a 188/502 series.

Thursday Intramurals

One 8-0 team winner and six player 600 series on week 23!

The Gutter Monkeys won all eight with Joshua Palmanteer leading the way with his 238/615 series.

In other league play, Shaun Gardner rolled a 238/656 series, Grayson Ingrahm a 239/646 and Ray Brooks a 237/639 series.

Daren Childers rolled a 236/631 and The Deadly One a 208/606 series.

Erick Ramey almost broke a six rolling 223/598 while Barry Stringer rolled a 212/567 set. TJ Williamson rolled a 203/556, Thomas Dekowski a 211/553 and Roger Culberson anchored then honors list with his 174/510 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

There were 600 series galore on week 20.

Rudy Rodriguez was the leader with 241/673. Jeremy Barnett rolled 255/654, Ray Brooks 236/650 and Bill D. Brooks 235/646.

Jeff Kase rolled 226/646 and Erick Ramey 236/642.

Jared Alhambra rolled 237/621, Terrell Day 230/618 and Eric Getzen 211/602. Lynn Bond just missed his six (211/598) while Lee McClatchey rolled a 202/541.

Rebecca Getzen stroked a delightful 188/497, Jim Schneider a very nice 171/467, while Elaine Schneider anchored the honors list with her nifty 151/440 series.

Dear readers

Another glorious week at the Surf! Until next week, love and friendship, always!

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