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Hall strokes awesome 600

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November 15, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Mitsi Hall rolled her high series of the season on Week 9 of the Wednesday Morning Ladies League.

It wasn’t easy having to compete on lanes 5-6 against the vacancy team but her teammates were determined to win and win they did with Mitsi leading the way.

Mitsi opened the match with a tremendous 218 game, followed that with a 195 and closed with a decent 187.

For Mitsi, an awesome six and for the team, One Lefty 2 Right, a 4-0 shutout.

In other weekly action, Loretta Loveall rolled a 166/470 and Nita Phenicie stroked three 140 plus gems for a 436 set.

The Three Omas rolled three 400 series to split their match against The Tea Timers who rolled three 300 series. Maria Flores led The Omas with a 151/444 and Shirley Dunaetz led the Tea Timers with a 161/375.

Carol Cunningham anchored the weekly honors list with a respectable 150/411 series.

Tuesday Independent

Somehow time got away from your humble one and his coverage of the Tuesday Independent keglers.

Sorry troopers!

The star for the three weeks was Bob Corser with two huge sixes and an almost six on the middle missing week.

On Week 7, Corser rolled a fantastic 265/678 set. Fred Hierholzer stroked a terrific 268/658 and Miguel Landeros a fine 221/616. The Deadly One rolled a respectable 214/603 and Ken Hall a sensational 224/584.

John Keth rolled 90 sticks better than his average to anchor the weekly honors list with a terrific 214/561 series.

Week 8 was all fun and excitement with three troopers hitting solid scores — George Matzie rolled 202/593, Henry Green 229/589 and Dante Garner 202/571.

But there was more: All four players on the Ten in the Pit team exceeded their average and won their match 4-0. Jared Alhambra led with his 670 followed by OD Jr. and his 626. OD Sr. popped a 543 and John Wittman closed the match with his decent 497.

Robin Porter and Michael Martin anchored the weekly honors list. Porter shot 245/640 and Martin needed one stick for his six (212/599).

Bob Corser returned to lead the honors list on Week 9 with a chest-pounding 263/680 series.

Michael Martin and Julio Reyes rolled 615 sets while Brad Metcalf outshot Jared Alhambra 208/606 to 268/605. The Deadly One had a pair of deuces and a 597 set while Joe Bousquet pounded out a 256/594 series. Justin LeCavalier stroked a terrific 212/583, Gary Gordon a neat 237/573 and Michael Estoll a fine 221/522.

Dianne Raynor broke a five (201/504) and Ray Wilcox anchored the honors list with his very nice 234/609 series.

Hits N Mrs.

There were only two 4-0 winners on Week 9 of league play.

The Bowling Divas whitewashed the Woo Hoo led by Joanne Signorelli and her 169/459 series. Loretta Loveall paced the Woo Hoo trio in defeat with a pair of 169 games and a 459 series.

The other whitewasher trio was the Choco Delights over the Udderly Striking paced by Lisa Pedersen and her 159/444 set. Mary Hall led the Striking trio with her 141/405 set.

In other fast and furious action, Maria Flores rolled a 182/487 set and Rosa Sapalaran a pair of 162 games and 471 series.

Holding the honors list with pride was the Osima trio who won three with three fours — Lori Segura hit a 479, Julia Ortiz a 456 and Glory Garcia a 434.

Amy Davis carried the honors list to the snack bar crew showing off her delightful 156/436 series.

Thursday Intramurals

The 576 FLTS No. 2 spared their way to a convincing 8-0 victory over the Security Forces No. 1 team. James Taylor led the team with a 560 set followed by Mike Judd and his 396, Richard Graves and his 374 and Frank Owens 333 blind.

The league’s two super shooters did it again on Week 9.

John Rocksvold broke a six (276/617) and Todd Yehle just missed his six shooting 257/597. Scott Morgan had a great 205/558 series while Michael Lopez beat out Jason Barker for the honors list anchor stroking a 180/471 to Barker’s 163/470.

Grey Panthers

Amy’s Guys used three decent series and 125 pins of additional handicap to crush The Deadly 3 four team points to none. Amy Davis led her shooters with a delightful 175/475 set. Bud Morehouse added a 168/441 and Henry Yates sealed the victory with his 160/438.

Joe’s Nightmare scared the pants off of Team 13 and won 4-0. Bill Henry led with his outstanding 203/612. Joe Vasques added 147/416 and Bonnie Braithwaite a decent 167/414.

In other sterling action, Don Lown rolled a polished 221/604 and Roy Taatjes a terrific 279/582 to close down action on week eight of the winter season.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Two shutouts on Week 9 — Bahama Mama’s over the Chicken Adobo and More Strikes doing just that to the Honey Badgers.

Ernie Clark led the Mama’s with a fine 623 set and Marcy Hyde added a delightful 527.

Jared Nogle paced the More Strikes with a great 555 set, John Ruckman rolled a terrific 476, Ramon Villagomez a 487 and Fred Money a 449.

Meanwhile, Larry Romero had a pair of 192 games and nifty 620 series but was ten sticks short of OD Jr.’s 224/630 set.

Augusto Rodriguez anchored the honors list with a pair of deuces and struggling 569 series.

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