The Adult/Junior and Grey Panthers Leagues finished their summer season in a flurry of pin smashing and two champions were crowned.

Adult/Junior League

What a finish!

Team 2 won all four team points on the last night of league play and won the championship by one-half of a point over Teams 1 and 5.

John Rocksvold and Tyson Barnes paced the champions to victory with masterful scores. Rocksvold rolled an exciting 234/613 series and Barnes a thrilling 235/591 set.

The championship was won with the third game by both champions.

Our hearty congratulations to the champions! Well done!

Henry Green and Ryan Steward of Team 5 rolled decent scores on the last night but could only win three of four team points.

Green rolled a terrific 259/642 series and Steward a better than average 95/262 set.

Team 1 experienced a shutdown on the last night and had to settle for its tie for second place.

Scoring honors were won by the following players: High average for the men was won by John Rocksvold (190), Richard Ramirez (189) and Henry Green (188). For the women, Kylianne Mcguire was high with a 148 followed by Joan Cahill (144) and Sirena Steward (136).

High handicap series for the men was won by Henry Green with a 779; for the women Joan Cahill (691); for the boys, Braydun Steward (764); and for the girls, Kylianne Mcguire (658).

A thousand thanks to the league players for their summer season participation. We look forward to your return for the winter season.

Grey Panthers League

Team 1 was crowned the summer season champion after an exciting 3-1 victory over Team 2 on the last afternoon of league play.

For the champions, George Lucaric rolled a great 178/478 series, Phil Hiles a 160/416 set and Jack Barros a 150/378 series.

Team 9 won all four team points on the last afternoon with Lynn Bond rolling a marvelous 258/653 series and teammates Roy Taatjes a 232/583 and his beloved, Karen, a delightful 95/266 set.

The Deadly One led all players on the last afternoon with a magnificent 670 series on three consistent beauties of 223, 221 and 226.

Great set Deadly!

Gary Gramse, Mary Hall and George Lucaric rolled well with Gramse rolling a 177/494 series, Hall a 179/482 set and Lucaric (as mentioned above) a 178/478 series.

For the summer season Lynn Bond had the high average with a 199.

The Deadly One finished with a 193 and Howard Weinapple a 191.

For the women, Mary Hall and Melva McClatchey finished with 153 averages and Louise Deveny with a 145.

The old timers will now rest and return to action the first part of September.

The Walking Dead League

The league has three more weeks of summer play remaining.

We will hold their last three recap sheets and announce the summer champion and high scorers the first week of September.

This gives your humble one a good break and rest.

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Six teams won all four team points on Week 11 of league play – Pretty Pooh, Double Tap, Patty’s Dead Heads, and Teams 2, 10 and 19.

Scoring on Week 11 was fantastic led by Brooks and Dunn (No, not the country singers) – Ray Brooks and Jordon Dunn. 

Brooks rolled a terrific 265/716 and Dunn an equally terrific 278/715.

Other fine scores were rolled by Joshua Palmanteer (234/678), Eddie Caldwell (2456/673) and Terrell Day (242/640).

Jason Steward stroked a 242/637, Rudy Rodriguez a 223/623 and Steve Jostes a 220/612.

Colby Cone rolled a 233/607, Henry Green 227/593 and Jeremy Barnet a 228/560.

Jessie Hall anchored the weekly honors list with her three consistent beauties of 137, 137 and 138 for a nice 412 series.

Golly Jessie, one single pin from a triplicate.

Tough break but there will be another time for you. Great, great set!

Vacation Time

Faithful readers, as mentioned we will take the next three weeks off and return on September 14.

Take care, enjoy and have a great joyful time off from the Mutterings.

Until next time love and friendship always!

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