Two weeks ago, Rick Mineley rolled an awesome four-game series 936 on week 4 of the Draft League.

Last week, on week 6, he bashed out a four-game set of 1,081 on lanes 3-4 of the same league. He did not bowl on week 5.

Thus, his average for the last eight games of league competition is a sparkling 252. What adjective do we use to describe his accomplishment? Awesome? Amazing? Brilliant? Astounding? Maybe all of the aforementioned!

Youth League

Teams 2 and 5 were undefeated on week 6 of league play. Jacob Brown was the week’s top shooter with a sparkling 183/487 series.

Stephen Hawkinson rolled a terrific deuce (202) and 463 set while Kylianne Mcguire rolled a delightful 158/442 series. Flower Milton anchored the honors list with her nifty 107/245 series.

Draft League

Three teams went 4-0 on week 6 of league play: Team 1, Team 3, and Team 8.

Rick Mineley was the highlight for the week with his awesome 289/1081 series. Eric Ramey rolled a terrific 214/753, Howard Gould a nifty 232/744, and Ray Brooks a very nice 213/721.

Shaun Gardner anchored the honors list with his terrific 191/710 series.

Classic Commercial

Only one whitewash on week 8: The Fear Nothing quintet!

The team had two six shooters: Pat Terek with a nifty 232/626 and Greene Senior with a decent 248/621.

In other league action, Jocelyn Carl returned to the six club with her very nice 220/606. George Matzie led three Bumatay 500 shooters with his fine 203/576 set. He couldn’t out-stroke John Rocksvold who punched out a terrific 242/638 series.

Lynn Bond rolled a nifty 213/571, Kyle Bailey a very nice 202/552, and Frances Lemons a decent 190/518 set. Joey Panel anchored the honors list with his outstanding 193//562 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Oh Yeah and Momma’s & Poppa went 8-0 on week 8. Rudy Rodriguez powered the Oh Yeah team to its victory with a tremendous 265/670 series.

Richard Ramirez helped Rudy with his superb 245/638 set.

For the Momma’s & Poppa team, George Matzie blazed a run to the 1-3 pocket scoring a very nice 209/573 series. Bill D. Brooks had another great set, this time a 225/665 masterpiece.

Lynn Bond closed the 600 club door with his 226/601 set.

Jared Alhambra rolled a terrific 237/593 set and JR Alhambra a 206/580 series. Don Lown continued his remarkable onslaught of the pins rolling a super 225/586 set. Jim Schneider anchored the honors list with his better than average 169/442 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Francis Langley and Mary Hall each rolled three consecutive beauties on week 9 of league action. Frances rolled games of 136, 134, and 131 for a solid 401 set and Mary unleashed a terrific three games of 160, 157, and 156 for a glowing 473 series.

Glory Garcia and Karin Keys broke fives with Glory rolling a delightful 194/525 and Karin a terrific 208/507.

Louise Deveny had another fine series, this time a solid 168/454. Gracie Pauley stroked a nifty 184/447 and Doc Hollister a fine 149/390.

Joann Schuyler closed the honors list with her three games besting her average. Oh, almost forgot, the Woo Hoo and Dots Dashes teams each won all four of their team points.

Tuesday Independent

Four teams won all four of their Wow! team points on week 9: Whatever, How We Roll, Alley Oops, and Lucky 7. Brad Metcalf was the week 9 star rolling a fantastic 721 series on games on 232, 235, and 257.

Way to fire, big fellow!

Henry Green almost had a six with his 215/598 series. JR Alhambra rolled a decent 246/592 set. George Matzie had another great series, this time 213/574 and Pernell Rush had three games better than his average (205/553).

Dante Garner rolled a nice 193/543 series, Justin LeCavalier a respectable 200/535 set, and Don Lown a fine 211/532 series.

Ron Morrison continued to amaze his beloved Susan rolling a great 212/532 series. Mrs.

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Consistency, Nita Phenicie, rolled games of 131, 125, and 133 for a 390 total while two other Tuesday night stars also rolled consistent sets: Felix Contreras had a 455 series on games of 152, 147, and 156, and Rick Brown rolled a 453 series on games on 146, 151, and 156.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

The Gutter Snipes and Spare Mees won their four team points on week 9. Cindy Clayton led the Spare Mees duo with a nifty 177/472 set and Judy Lougen paced the Gutter Snipes with her 177/465 series.

Edith Miller had a fine 138/331 series and Brenda Zura closed the honors list door with her three consistent beauties of 44, 55, and 54 for average carrying 153 series.

Grey Panthers

Teams 9 and 14 won their four team points on week 9. JR Alhambra was the star for Team 9 with a 223/619 series. Roy Taatjes blazed a path on the ten board to pace Team 14 to its victory rolling a nifty 193/528 series. Lynn Bond unleashed a powerful 225/571 set, Jim Socia a decent 199/532, Joe Bousquet a respectable 199/529, and Doris Fredieu a delightful 223/521 series.

Art Davis stroked a thrilling 185/516 series and Louise Deveny punched out a quality 176/477 set. Glory Garcia had a nice three games set of 179/472 while Jennie Limas has a nifty pair of 146 games and a 464 series.

George Lucaric tossed a 171/463 on lanes 11-12 while Phil Hiles added to his average rolling a 161/434 set. Nita Phenicie closed the honors list with her respectable 143/394 series.

Thursday Intramurals

There were two 8-0 winners on week 9 of league play: Split Happens and Pin It To Win It.

Craig Rispoli led his Pin It To Win It team to victory with a 222/513 series.

David Smith led the Split Happens crew to its win rolling a fair-to-middlin 166/463 set. All of his three games were over his average!

There were four sixes on week 9: Daren Childers (237/645), Eric Ramey (230/643), Colby Cone (233/617), and Ray Brooks (274/616).

Samantha Gardner rolled a beautiful 208/579 set, TJ Williamson a dandy 205/572, and The Deadly One a 210/571 as he slowly recovers from a gall blatter operation.

Wayne Harris rolled a 197/569 set and Henry Green a pair of 188 games and 548 series. Dustin Isbell had three nice games for a 543 set while Stephen Garrison closed the five list with his 201/516 series.

Sandi Odem was all smiles after her 158/454 series. Angeline Santos rolled a very nice 146/405 series and Amy Rasmussen a pair of 128 games and 379 series. Bob Pascal closed the honors list with his very decent 167/473 series. 

Beloved readers and bowlers, this concludes another week of thrills and excitement at the Surf Palace. Until next week, love and friendship always!

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