Bob Corser continued his mastery of the lanes on Tuesday night rolling a fantastic 748 series on lanes 7-8.

It was Week 9 of the Tuesday Match Point League when Corser stroked games of 255, 257 and 236 to add to his already exciting 211 average.

In other league action, Team 1 continued its dominance of the league standings with a 9-3 win over Team 3.

Joe Bousquet led the onslaught with a somewhat mild 183/508 series while Nita Phenicie contributed an equally mild 143/379 set.

One of the keys to their success is handicap where the team had an additional 51 pins per game advantage over their rivals.

But hey faithful ones, this is the name of the game.

Meanwhile, Team 8 won 8 of 12 points with Howard Gould rolling a terrific 218/611 series and teammate Paul Graves a 145/371 set.

Eric Ramey anchored the weekly honors list with his terrific 233/592 series.

The Walking Dead

The league players returned to action after a week off with a vengeance scattering pins all over lanes 1 through 6.

One team, Strike ‘em Dead, won all four team points with Hunter Potera rolling an awesome 237/591 series and teammate David Hall adding a 167/439 set.

Team 14 also won all four with Terrell Day rolling 218/614 and Loni Johnston 198/549.

The Ministry of Silly Walks (whata name, love it!)) went 3-1 with Andrea Wulkfestieg rolling a 158/386 series and Samantha a 167/381 set.

Just For Fun also won three with Mary Jostes rolling 222/549 and Steve 154/385.

Another 3-1 winner was 28 Frames Later with Chris McCollum shooting three beauties of 229, 229 and 228 for a wonderful 686 series. His teammate Albert Chaney hit a 218/570 set.

The Aquailiers won three led by Benjamin Wulfestieg and his 225/557 set.

The final 3-1 winner was Pretty Pooh with Chris Larson rolling a 201/576 series and Mackenzie Potera a 196/485 set.

Ray Brooks rolled 265/692 and Eric Ramey 244/674.

Colby Cone was terrific with a 264/652 set as was Jason Steward with his 244/666 series.

Team 19 anchored the weekly honors list with its 4-0 win led by Joshua Palmanteer and his outstanding 240/709 series.

Grey Panthers

Teams 1 and 5 won all four team points on Week 6 of league play.

Teams 4 and 7 won three of four and Lynn Bond was the week’s top shooter with an exciting 717 series on games of 191, 268 and 258.

Well done Lynn!

You truly live up to your “Patriarch” title.

The Deadly One rose above the 600 mark with a jolly good 226/614 series, George Matzie stroked a nifty 219/567 set and John Wittman a pleasing 198/544 series.

All three of Team 1’s players exceeded their averages in their 4-0 victory.

George Lucaric rolled 182/472, Phil Hiles 187/453 and Jack Barros 144/382.

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Jim Socia and Mary Hall anchored the weekly honors list with 191/524 and 205/516 series, respectively.


Team 5 won all four team points on Week 6 with Henry Green rolling a 245/616 set and Ryan Steward 115/274.

Richard Ramirez led Team 3 to its 3-1 win with a great 216/589 series.

Two-fifths of the Steward family led Team 1 to a 3-1 win. Jason Steward rolled 225/538 and Braydun 189/468.

Elsewhere, Tyson Barnes rolled a terrific 182/532 set and Kyliannne Mcguire and Rick Brown anchored the weekly honors list. Mcguire rolled a delightful 153/443 set and Brown a first-rate 201/493 series.

Special Note

The summer season is coming to a close.

The Match Point League will finish its season on July 19.

The other leagues have four to seven weeks remaining.

We all will have a break in the action for the later part of August and early September. 

Faithful ones, thanks for reading this column.

For all of you, love and friendship always!

Karl Corser can be reached at 733-1171 or by email to