Two more leagues have been added to the “Mutterings” – The Wednesday Classic Commercial and The Friday Mixed Nuts – bringing the total number of leagues to seven for the winter season.

The additions are two of the more powerful leagues at the Surf, although scores on Week 1 were somewhat mild. The bowlers promise to improve over the coming weeks.

Here are highlights for Week 1 of the two additions;

Classic Commercial

All seven teams are named. Wonderful!

Vargas Jewelers was the only team to go 8-0 on Week 1 led by Bill R. Brooks and his terrific 634 series.

Bill D. Brooks had the league’s high series for the week, a powerful 255/689 masterpiece.

Jocelyn Carl rolled a delightful 213-597 series and Larry Marshall a decent 215/597 set.

Shane Marshall anchored the weekly honors list with his outstanding 232/616 series. 

Mixed Nuts

Hurray, hurray, a 710 by Dave Montgomery on lanes 5-6. Dave rolled games of 257, 225 and 228 to achieve his masterpiece.

Rudy Rodriquez came within one pin of his own masterpiece rolling games of 268, 166 and 265 for his 699 set.

Two teams went 8-0 on Week 1 – Bumatay and So What!

Terrell Day led the Bumatay crew with a nifty 234/602 set.

Michael Cummins rolled three deuces and a 653 series and Bill D. Brooks shot a 259/627 series to lead the So What! gang.

Jeff Kase rolled a dandy 245/669 set while Romona Guzman rolled three games over her average for a nifty 434 series to anchor the weekly honors list.

Now to week 2 for the remainder of the leagues;

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Jill O’Guin led her Almost team to a 4-0 victory, rolling a very nice pair of 164 games and a 474 series.

Karin Keys rolled a four (168/457) as did Mary Hall (159/426) and Jennie Limas (170/414).

Frances Langley had a terrific morning rolling a 155/438 set. Dorothy Avila rolled three consistent beauties of 116, 117 and 113 for a delightful 342 set.

The Lunch Bunch almost has a second consecutive 4-0 outing but had to settle for a 3.5 total.

Tuesday Independent

Bob Stokes Jr. burned the wood on lanes 3-4, leading his team to a 4-0 victory rolling a back patting 735 series on games of 257, 234 and 244.

The “Whatever” team also won all four led by JR Alhambra and his 184/488 set.

Bowling Mates shut out its opponents 4-0 led by Henry Green and his 193/533 series.

Ray Brooks rolled a nice 211/589 set and Bob Corser a decent 223/588 series. John Vasquez hit a strong 205/576, Jerry Furnari a nifty 257/572 and David Smith a great 201/555 series. Judy Lougen and Doc Hollister each rolled three games over their average. Lougen rolled a 479 series and The Doc a delightful 418 set.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

There were two 4-0 winners on week 2 – Spare Mees led by Cindy Clayton (155/424) and Team 8 led by Lisa Milton and her fantastic 138/374 series.

Judy Lougen fired off a nifty 180/430 set and Valerie Ross closed the weekly honors list with her dandy 150/397 series.

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Grey Panthers

Linda Woo broke a four (155/408) leading her team to a 4-0 victory on Week 2.

Julio Reyes was the week’s big stick with a 275/578 set.

George Matzie had a good afternoon (209/573) as did Howard Gould (224/565) and JR Alhambra (199/561).

Lee McClatchey found a line on lanes 11-12 and rolled a nifty 189/532 series.

Don Lown raised his average after rolling a decent 180/523 set.

John Wittman had a good afternoon with his 186/518 set and Sir Richard rolled three 150 plus games for a very nice 465 series.

Thursday Intramurals

What a name! – “Pin It To Win It” and that’s exactly what the team did in winning all four team points on Week 2. Craig Rispoli led the team with a respectable 232/568 series.

Eric Ramey led all of the league shooters with a 257/674 series.

Not far behind was Eddie Caldwell with three deuces and a fine 660 set.

A star on lanes 15-16 was Samatha Gardner with her delightful 288/632 series. Wow, Samantha, nice series! Her hubby rolled a nifty 224/603 and the team might have won more points but handicap rules applied. The team had to spot their opponents 347 pins a game. Ouch!

Darren Childers led three other six shooters with his 230/617 set.

The other sixes were by Henry Green (212/604), Tyson Barnes (234/600) and Dan Becker (255/600).

Sonya Robertson anchored the weekly honors list with three consistent beauties of 96, 97 and 89 for a 282 series.

Until next week dear readers, love and friendship always.

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