Bowling on week 10 of the Draft League, Rick Meneley and Pat Smart rolled sparkling 900 series for their four games of match play.

Meneley rolled games of 235, 233, 225, and 247 for a fabulous 940 series. Smart powered down games of 226, 218, 221, and 240 for a sterling 905 set!

Both bowlers are the Surf’s finest and their games and averages prove this fact.

Youth League

Team 6 won all four team points with three powerful series on week 9.

Michael Lattus led the team with a 279 blind series. Catalina Isbell rolled a 276 set and Heather LeCavalier a 258 series.

In other league action, Cyrus Nasr led the league in scoring with a 170/482 series. Stephen Hawkinson stroked a nifty 159/417 and Robbie York a nice 149/399 set. Nelson York hit a 138/352 set and Rainbow Milton anchored the honors list with a decent 110/300 series.

Draft League

Week 9: Meneley was the high scorer with a 238/889 series. Shaun Gardner rolled a 204/761, Mike Pistulka a 213/742, and Ray Brooks a 208/740. Pat Terek anchored the honors list with his 212/730 series.

Week 10: Meneley and Smart led the super stars in scoring. Mike Pistulka stroked a vicious 233/847, Pat Terek a nifty 221/768, and Gardner a fine 242/766. Howard Gould and Erick Ramey rolled 744 sets and John Rocksvold anchored the honors list with his nifty 198/740 series.

Class Commercial

Fear Nothing and The Motley Crew won all eight team points on week 11. Pat Terek led the Fear Nothing crew with a decent 212/596 series. Jeremy Jenkins was high for the Motley ones with a fair 203/555 set.

Lynn Bond outdueled his teammate Bill Henry 218/610 to 225/609. Justin LeCavalier and Jason Ferguson bested their averages for all three games. LeCavalier rolled a 543 series and Ferguson a 384 set.

John Rocksvold rolled a powerful 247/641 series, John Vasques a nifty 249/629, and Jules Hain a great 223/603 set. John Flores anchored the honors list with his very nice 201/487 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Three 4-0 team winners on week 12: Always Trying, Pin Pushers, and Almost.

Mary Hall led Always Trying with a fantastic 180/505 series. Susan Meile was high for the Pin Pushers with a very nice 172/496 and Jill Perry led the Almost crew with her decent 108/289 series.

Karin Keys and Judy Lougen rolled 400 series in a losing cause. Keys rolled a terrific 191/449 and Lougen a delightful 148/424 series.

Tuesday Indepedent

There were three 4-0 winners on week 12: Hawaii 4-0, Hopin’ N’ Wishin’ and Just One More.

Chris Ward led the Hawaii 4-0 team with a great 210/538 series. Cindy Clayton was high for the Wishin’ crew with a pair of 170 games and 478 series. She was two sticks better than teammate Sandi Odem (185/476) and just ahead of teammate David Smith (162/463).

The team would not have won without Geneva Smith’s 116/321 series.

The Deadly One rolled a respectable 209/558 to lead Just One More to its victory. In other league action Brad Metcalf rolled a huge 279/657 series, Bob Stokes Junior a decent 226/602 set, and Bob Corser a terrific 232/622 series.

Howard Weinapple rolled a great 232/587, Chris Ward a terrific 210/538, and Jeffrey Benda a nifty 210/532.

Dianne Raynor continued her 500 shooting (179/512), Becky Gordon eased over then five barrier (189/508), and Glory Garcia just missed her five (179/497). Nita Phenicie anchored the honors list with her three 120-plus games and 380 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

All four team winners went 4-0 on week 12.

Nita Phenicie was high for the week with her outstanding 173/498 series. Cindy Clayton had a nifty four (170/467) as did Carol Mitchel with a pair of 243 games and 420 series.

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Brenda Zura anchored the honors list with three games over her average and sparkling 222 series.

Grey Panthers

There were no 4-0 winners on week 12.

A hearty congratulations to Connie Amarel for her outstanding 188 game and delightful 492 series! Way to fire, young lady!

Greene Senior led the league in scoring on week 12 with three beautiful deuces and 640 series. Pat Smart almost broke a six with his 209/589 set.

The Deadly One also had a great 589 set! Lynn Bond punched out a decent 225/569 series and JR Alhambra rolled a stimulating 211/562 set Joe Bousquet hit a deuce and a five with his 200/544 series.

Glory Garcia stroked a nifty 181/510 set, Doris Fredieu a terrific 189/503, and Judy Lougen anchored the honors list with her delightful 188/492 series.

Thursday Intramurals

There were three 8-0 team winners on week 12: The Spaceballers, The 614 ACOMS, and CONS No. 2.

Erick Ramey led the 614 ACOMS to victory with his fabulous 268/697 series. Ouch! Just three sticks short of a seven. Barry Stringer paced CONS No. 2 to its win with his fine 216/562 set and Roger Culberson was the Spaceballers main man with his 201/479 series.

Mike Pistulka was the star for the week with his fantastic 708 series on games of 268, 198, and 244.

Shaun Gardner rolled a nifty 215/610, Howard Gould a neat 246/604, and two league players were even better on week 12: Colby Cone rolled a 256/634 set and Mark Rosone a 224/613 series.

Eddie Caldwell stroked a nifty 222/586 set, Wayne Harris an exciting 205/571, and David Terry anchored the honors list with his dandy 202/498 series.

Dear readers

Prepare yourselves for another holiday break. The Surf Leagues will shut down for the Christmas holidays Dec. 18 through Dec. 29. You will be reminded again before the vacation starts. Until then and next week, love and friendship always!

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