Team 1 won 11 of 12 points on the last night of the summer league to clinch the Match Point League championship.

Terrell Day substituting for Nita Phenicie rolled a thrilling 254/658 series and teammate Joe Bousquet stroked three consistent beauties of 197, 198 and 193 to win the summer season title.

Team 5 accomplished a first for the league, winning all 12 points in their win over Team 6.

George Matzie rolled 213/578 for the winners and teammate Gary Gramse added a nifty 185/515.

High averages for the summer season were Bob Corser (214), Eric Ramey (208), George Matzie (193) and The Deadly One (190).

High averages for the Ladies were Judy Lougen (141), Akia Carter (129), Romana Guzman (125) and Katherine Ramey (125).

Scoring on the last night was spectacular.

Terrell Day led everyone with his exciting 254/658 series.

Bob Corser stroked a nifty 224/615 and Eric Ramey a 254/606 set.

Joe Bousquet hit a strong 198/588, The Deadly One a vicious 239/579 and Howard Gould a cool 210/568.

Al Howerton unleashed a thrilling 252/550 set and Paul Graves anchored the weekly honors list with a pair of 120 games and 355 series.

The Walking Dead

Week 8 of the summer season saw some truly spectacular scoring.

Colby Cone led the scorers with a fantastic 278/754 series.

Arik Kudronowicz stroked a neat 275/741, Eddie Caldwell a 290/732 and Rudy Rodriguez a 254/729 series.

Terrell Day rolled 265/703, Joshua Palmanteer an even better 264/715 and Ray Brooks a decent 246/665.

Eric Ramey punched out a strong 260/653, Steve Tostes a dandy 221/613 while TJ Willianson and Herb Lee just missed their six series – Willianson rolled 241/597 and Lee 217/596.

Jason Steward rolled a neat 241/589, David Lamer a 206/577 and Jeremy Barnett a 196/517.

Patrick Cosby and Hannah Potera anchored the weekly honors list with 288/580 and 181/389 series, respectively.

Grey Panthers

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Hurray, another five for Richard Barraza.

He rolled a terrific 221/501 series to help his team (7) win all four team points from Team 9.

Teammate John Wittman led the winners with a great 220/589 series and teammate Bud Morehouse added a struggling 161/418 set.

Team 3 also won all four led by Howard Weinapple and his exciting 214/616 set. Amy Davis added a 177/467 and Louise Deveny a 141/418.

The Deadly One torched a 203/575 series, Jim Socia a 203/574 and Joe Bousquet a pair of 181 games and 550 series.

Judy Lougen stroked a delightful 156/439 set while Phil Hiles anchored the weekly honors list with an almost triplicate series.

He had the series numbers just not in the right order. Darn. His games were 123, 125 and 124 for a nifty 372 series.


Team 2 won all four on week 7 of league play with John Rocksvold scoring a dazzling 254/627 series and teammate Tyson Barnes a strong 211/559 set. Jason Steward rolled a nice 165.522 series, Braydun Steward a nifty 179/497, and Rick Brown a decent 181/488 set. Joan Cahill stroked a delightful 175/460 set and Ryan Steward anchored the weekly honors list with his 130/323 series, some 56 pins better than his average. Great scoring Ryan!

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