John Rocksvold and Robert Rivas rolled thundering 700 series on week 9 of their league play. Competing in the Classic Commercial League, Rocksvold rolled three beautiful deuces of 246, 258, and 244 for a 748 series leading his Bumatay team to an 8-0 victory. Rivas rolled powerful games of 268, 237, and 232 for his 737 series in the Friday Mixed Nuts League.

Youth League

Team 2 went 4-0 on week 7 led by Jacob Brown and his thrilling 227/572 series. Stephan Hawkinson rolled a nifty 187/479 series, Cory Guzman a staggering 128/331 set and Kye Acre bested her average for all three games to total a nifty 339 series.

Nelson York rolled a strong 127/339 set and Gryphon Milton rolled a powerful 140/405 series to anchor the weekly honors list.

Draft League

Team 6 was almost perfect on week 7 winning 19 of the 20 team points. Pat Smart led the way with his excellent 220/830 while his teammate, Scott Cleary, rolled an excellent 188/698 series.

Scores were decent for the week.

Rick Meneley rolled a terrific 236/828 series, Pat Terek a decent 215/782 set, and Howard Gould a very nice 221/753 set.

Ray Brooks rolled four consistent beauties of 190, 181, 180, and 189 for a strong 740 series. Shaun Gardner was also consistent with games of 178, 172, and 172, and 181 for a fine 703 series. Samantha Gardner anchored the honors list with her delightful 182/674 series.

Classic Commercial

The Motley Crew rolled all over the Vargas Jewelers for an 8-0 victory on week 9. The team was led by Jeremy Jenkins with his three nifty deuces and 639 series. Teammate Jocelyn Carl added a potent 206/590 to the winning team pinfall.

Bumatay also won all eight led by John Rocksvold’s tremendous 748 series. Terrell Day added a 215/592 to the winning total while George Matzie smashed a pair of deuces and 575 series to seal the victory.

In other week 9 action, Lynn Bond rolled a terrific 233/645 series, Pat Terek a fine 242/626 set, and Bill Henry a decent 240/573 series. Bill R. Brooks anchored the weekly honors list with his very nice 244/561 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

There were two 8-0 winners on week 9: Momma’s & Pappa and Team 6. Robert Rivas led Team 6 to its victory with his tremendous 737 series on games of 268, 237, and 232.

Lynn Bond helped Rivas with his potent 226/595 series.

In other league action, scoring was on a high note with four 600’s on the honors list and three other noteworthy scores. Jermaine Bautista led the 600 club with his 236/646. Rudy Rodriguez stroked a 232/605, Terrell Day a 234/604, and Michael Cummins a 224/602.

Jared Alhambra rolled a 206/595, JR Alhambra a 214/578, and Jeremy Barnett anchored the honors list with his nifty 187/546 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Gracie Pauley led Dots Dashes to a 4-0 win on week 10 rolling a spectacular 187/486 series. The Pin Pushers also won all four led by Sally Melatti and her above average 397 series.

In other league action, Glory Garcia rolled a 167/437, Jennie Limas a 145/436, and Nita Phenicie a 154/424. Karen Taatjes anchored the honors list with her 120/317 series.

Tuesday Independent

Five 4-0 winners on week 20: Wow! Bob Corser led NO CAP to its 4-0 win with an exciting 231/623 series.

Gloria Salgado added to her 177 average with a dandy 218/585 set helping the team to its win.

The Deadly One and Pierre Chaldu led Just One More to its victory. The Deadly One rolled a very decent 199/579 series and Pierre a nice 152/441 set.

Jerry Furnari was the Hungry Tigers leader with a 223/587 while Julio Reyes paced the Hawaii 4-0 crew with his 209/589.

Just 4 Fun won all four paced by Joan Cahill (193/494) and Pennye Benda (121/352).

In other league action, Bob Stokes Jr. rolled a great 214/591, George Matzie a 211/576 and Justin LeCavalier a 234/551. Gary Gordon rolled an exciting 211/543 and Dianne Raynor closed then honors list with her delightful 181/501 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

The Gutter Snipes won all four and its leader, Judy Lougen, broke a five helping the team to victory.

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Lougen rolled a 189/505 and her teammate, Doc Hollister, rolled a very nice 138/376 series. Carol Mitchel and Edith Miller anchored the honors list. Mitchel rolled a 145/392, and Miller bested her average for all three games.

Grey Panthers

For the first time this winter season there were no 4-0 winners for the week’s play.

Pat Smart was the week’s super stroker with a 239/681 series. Glory Garcia was two sticks from a triplicate with games of 136, 134, and 136.

Amy Davis almost had a step ladder series with games of 125, 126, and 123. Coralee Bond bested her average for all three games and Karin Keys rolled three consistent beauties of 145, 140, and 155.

JR Alhambra rolled a decent 224/583, Julio Reyes a nifty 206/567, and Joe Bousquet a tantalizing 202/557. Roy Taatjes had a super series of 199/550 while Art Davis raised his average after rolling a 189/516 set.

Doris Fredieu rolled a terrific 192/528 series and Phil Hiles a terrific 174/463 set. Terence Woo bested his average with a 157/430 series and Larry Craig anchored the honors list with his popinjay 205/575 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Pin It To Win It and Nicole’s Boys were 8-0 winners on week 10.

Matt Smith led the Pin It crew with a 170/499 series. The Nicole’s Boys win was a complete team victory. All four players bowled better than their average. Henry green was tops with a 610 series followed by Tyson Barnes (594) and Dustin Isbell (585). Nicole Green was the anchor scoring one pin above her average.

Ray Team!

In other league action, Ray Brooks led his 30 FSS team to an 8-0 win rolling a very nice 208/579 series. Mark Ronson and Colby Cone rolled 603 series and Wayne Harris was one stick from his step ladder series rolling games of 190, 188, and 187 for a terrific 565 set.

Grayson Ingraham rolled an outstanding 204/571 set and Matt Smith anchored the honors list with his 170/499 series.

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