The Mission Prep and San Luis Obispo boys basketball teams shared the 2018 PAC 8 League championship, and they shared the 2018 All-League top honors.

Mission Prep senior guard Kyle Colvin is the league MVP. San Luis Obispo senior forward Will Compton is the PAC 8 Defensive Player of the Year.

The All-PAC 8 League First Team consists of Arroyo Grande sophomore guard Gage Gomez and junior forward Bryan Smith; Atascadero senior center Kyler Warren; Pioneer Valley sophomore center Jayden Jones; San Luis Obispo sophomore forward Carson Leedom; and St. Joseph senior center Elihu Cobb.

The Second Team consists of A.J. Panetta of Arroyo Grande; Parker Jones and Remy Paquet of Mission Prep; Sebastian Galsim of Paso Robles; Mac McConnell of San Luis Obispo; and Matt Chavez of St. Joseph.

All of the Second Team members except Paquet are senior guards. Paquet is a senior forward.

Senior guards Jacob Soriano of Arroyo Grande, D.J. Martinez of Pioneer Valley, Weston Hammell of Righetti and Michael Ramirez of St. Joseph all earned honorable mention.

Girls water polo

120517 AG Righetti water polo 03.jpg

Arroyo Grande's Sam Vitt gets a pass as Righetti's Denise Dominguez defends.

Arroyo Grande won another league championship, and AG senior utility player Sarah Kasper is the PAC 8 League MVP.

The First Team consists of junior attackers Samantha Vitt and Samantha Hazel of Arroyo Grande; junior center-defender Caitie Sandberg of Arroyo Grande; senior goalkeeper and senior attacker Abby Wright of Atascadero; sophomore attacker Tatiana Smeltzer of Paso Robles; and senior attacker Denise Dominguez and senior goalkeeper Sophia Reyes of Righetti.

The Second Team consists of junior goalie Haley Bartenetti, junior center Hannah Blum and senior attacker Julia George of Arroyo Grande; senior attacker Ali Marshall and senior center Evy Cooper of Atascadero; junior utility player Aubrey Pasky of Paso Robles; and junior center Hailey Wilson and junior center-defender Inti Lillo of Righetti.

Attacker Sara Stipanov of Arroyo Grande, center Charlotte Ionata of Pioneer Valley and attacker Madeline Ordonez of Righetti earned honorable mention. All three are juniors.

Boys wrestling


Issaya Finley battles Eddie Lucio on Wednesday.

Seniors Issaya Finley (170 pounds) of league champion Righetti and Trevor Melsheimer of Arroyo Grande (147) were the PAC 8 Outstanding Upper Weights and Lower Weights Wrestlers respectively.

011318 Santa Ynez Wrestling Tournament 019.jpg

Arroyo Grande High's Trevor Melsheimer wrestles Santa Ynez High's Emelio Soto during the Santa Ynez Wrestling Tournament held on Saturday.

The PAC 8 League First Team lower weights wrestlers consisted of Arroyo Grande junior Isaiah Apodca at 108 pounds; Righetti junior Tommy Hornsby at 115; Paso Robles sophomore Dylan Maduena at 122; Righetti senior Jesus Espindola at 128; Righetti senior Aaron Ibarra at 134; Righetti junior Benny Banduenga at 140; and Melsheimer at 147.

The First Team Upper Weights wrestlers included Paso Robles senior Julian Madrigal at 154 pounds; Righetti junior Brayden Reasner at 162; Finley at 170; Arroyo Grande sophomore Isaac Maez at 197; Pioneer Valley senior Elias Zepeda at 222; and St. Jospeh junior Jakob Hernandez at 287.

Second Team lower weights wrestlers included Atascadero junior Kimball Brown at 108 pounds; Arroyo Grande junior Coleman Hubert at 115; Righetti junior Mario Kwon at 122; Pioneer Valley junior Adrian Garcia at 128; Paso Robles senior Daede Murphy at 134; Paso Robles senior Michael Dominguez at 140; and Righetti senior Austin Dasis at 147.

Second Team upper weights wrestlers included Pioneer Valley sophomore Eric Vera at 154 pounds; Paso Robles junior Kyle Miller at 162; Pioneer Valley sophomore Oskar Ruiz at 177; Pioneer Valley senior Eddie Lucio at 184; Pioneer Valley senior Salavador Lara at 197; Arroyo Grande junior Josh Garza at 222; and Righetti junior Josh Brown at 287.

Girls soccer

San Luis Obispo won the league championship, and the Tigers swept All-League top honors.

Junior attacking midfielder Olivia Ortiz is the PAC 8 League MVP. The Offensive Player of the Year is sophomore Bailey Frost. The Defensive Player of the Year is senior center back Sarah Attala.

The First Team center midfielder is Arroyo Grande junior Molly Autio. The center backs are Attala and Arroyo Grande junior Carolyn Hayley.

011218 AG PV g soccer 06.jpg

Arroyo Grande's Lexi Wolf (12) gets ahead of Pioneer Valley's Breanna Arias (21) and Alivia Valdez (19).

The defenders are Atascadero senior Hina Nogi, Pioneer Valley junior Breanna Arias, and San Luis Obispo juniors Maddison Johnson and Amber Nunes. The midfielders are Atascadero seniors Serena Ramirez and Lexi Setting.

The goalkeepers are Mission Prep junior Hannie Elinger and Paso Robles senior Alexis Serna. The forwards are Paso Robles junior Giselle Zatarian and St. Joseph senior Bianca Diaz.

Girls Soccer Righetti vs St Joseph

St Joseph's Corby Burress battles Righetti's Avy Aguirre during a PAC 8 girls soccer match at Righetti on Friday

The Second Team forwards are Arroyo Grande senior Joe Martinez, Righetti sophomore Kayla Minetti and St. Joseph junior Corby Burress. The area defender-midfielder is Pioneer Valley junior Alison Magni.

The center midfielder is St. Joseph senior Ryane Cash. The goalie is Arroyo Grande junior Gracie Weidler.

Pioneer Valley senior offensive midfielder Valeria Ornelas, Righetti junior goalie Carrissa Freeman and St. Joseph senior defender Laura Chartier earned honorable mention.

Boys soccer

Would-be league champion San Luis Obispo had to forfeit most of its league wins because some of its players participated illegally in an adult league during part of the season. That vaulted would-be runner-up Arroyo Grande to the league title.

The Tigers did have the league MVP, junior forward Branden Dolezal. Arroyo Grande sophomore Gapala Saver is the Offensive Player of the Year.

011918 Righetti PV b soccer 02.jpg

Righetti's Miguel Pantoja gets past Pioneer Valley's goalkeeper Jorge Mendez to score the Warriors' second goal.

The Goalkeeper of the Year is Pioneer Valley sophomore Jorge Mendez. The Defensive Player of the Year is PV senior Angel Gonzalez.

Arroyo Grande senior midfielder Sergio Romero, sophomore defender Sebastian Angulo and junior goalkeeper Colton Theaker are all on the All-PAC 8 League First Team. So is Atascadero senior midfielder-defender Nick Garza.

Senior center back David Rutiz is the Mission Prep representative on the First Team. Senior goalie Victor Rodriguez and junior midfielder Erick Reyes of Paso Robles are on the First Team, as are junior midfielder Josue Chavez, senior forward Rigoberto Maldonado and senior defender Angel Gonzalez of Pioneer Valley.

Righetti senior midfielder Jose Juarez and senior defender Aaron Lee are on the First Team. So are St. Joseph senior forward Jorge Martinez and three San Luis Obispo players, sophomore midfielder Moises Hernandez, senior defender Josh Brechwald and sophomore forward Kellen Berry.

Though Saver is the PAC 8 League Offensive Player of the Year, he is listed as a Second Team forward. Other area Second Team forwards are Righetti juniors Myles Baro and Bryan Rivera.

Area Second Team midfielders are Arroyo Grande senior Alan Munoz, Pioneer Valley junior Jonathan Vieyra and St. Joseph junior Christian Angulo. Area Second Team defenders include Arroyo Grande junior Kyle Goodge and Pioneer Valley senior David Mora.

The Second Team goalie is St. Joseph junior Gabe Penner.

Senior midfielders Sebastian Graeber of Arroyo Grande and Louis Gonzalez of Pioneer Valley, along with senior defenders Isaac Amaya of Rigehtti and Patrick Rigali of St. Joseph, earned honorable mention.

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