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Salvador was born in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. He was 1 of 7 children born to Dominga and Francisco Ortega. Salvador left his childhood home at the age of 13 and ended up in the produce fields of Southern, Central and Northern California as a migrant laborer during his 20's. It was during those years that he traveled. During one of his many trips following the seasonal crops he would meet his future wife Margaret, in the small Central California town of Lompoc.

Salvador and Margaret had several children: Paul, Rosa (deceased), Frank, Elizabeth, Rene and Christopher. Salvador was kind and generous at heart to both all that knew him and to friends he had yet to meet. Through the years Salvador would follow the crops and Margaret would stay home and mind the children. When he was able to spend time with their children, he would take them to the many local parks and beaches. One of Salvador's great hidden talents was the ability to provide entertainment with whatever he could find, his creativity and ingenuity was truly a gift that will be missed. A few of those places that were his favorite was Mission La Purisima where he would guide his children on hikes or Nojoqui Waterfall park where they would spend the day enjoying the outdoors. Throughout Salvador's life his wife Margaret was always by his side, honoring her vows to love, honor and obey her husband to the very end.

Aside from his wife, Salvador's next greatest love was his many grandchildren. To him there was nothing more precious than a hug from “his babies”. He relished doing the little chores like changing diapers, feeding and burping any baby that he could find. Deep within him was a caring that all his grandchildren felt as they would all fall asleep in his arms, others unable to sleep without his warmth, another gift that will be missed.

Although English was not Salvador's first language, he was known to have a bottomless appetite for knowledge, in both English and Spanish. There was hardly a time when he wasn't reading a book, newspaper, periodical or watching some kind of documentary.

Salvador quietly passed, surrounded by his many grandchildren, children and his faithful wife Margaret.

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