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I used to work for a company where, when it came to computer technology, it was every man and woman for themselves.

When I first started, it was explained that “We don’t have an IT person. We all just take care of our own computer issues.” At the time, I felt technologically inept, and it was frustrating to be held up when the inevitable glitches occurred, but the result was, when a computer problem arose, you researched it, maybe asked around some, and eventually came up with a way of getting past it so you could do your work.

As I was suffering recently on my living room floor, trying to breathe, relax and stretch my way through a painful hip and back issue, I recalled having to become a computer tech at work, and I thought, what if we didn’t have physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists or all the other professional healers we call upon when we ache? What if we had to figure it out for ourselves? Would we identify what to do and what not to do to make ourselves feel better?

I have, and I think the reason I have is because I decided, a couple years ago, to mostly handle treatment and healing myself in partnership with the very essence or spirit of healing. I decided to lie down, and be quiet, and pay attention to every little thing, because I remember the words to that old song, which tells how the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone …” and so on. I understand the pain I’m feeling in one part of my body could be on account of something happening in a different part, or in my mind or emotions, or my recent or distant past. So I get still, and I move, ever so slightly, and pay attention if something cracks or creaks or tightens or tenses, or otherwise makes itself known to my conscious mind, and I gently coax that area, and it gives me a greater understanding of myself.

I think our readiness to turn our ailments over to others, and have them tell us what’s wrong and what we should and shouldn’t do about it actually keeps us from discovering it for ourselves.

I know it’s dicey to suggest that people shouldn’t go to the doctor, but I’m talking only about the specific way in which we too quickly turn our pain over to others rather than looking, listening and learning about ourselves, and by doing so, opening up portals to the subconscious through which pain can be released, wisdom can be gained and healing energy can flow.

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Then again, by that kind of do-it-yourself thinking, you could say the same thing about going to a mechanic or calling a plumber or other such skilled services. The distinction, though, is self-knowledge vs. knowledge of things outside ourselves. The one leads to wisdom, the other to expertise.

It may also have to do with time and money, and which you have in greater supply. If you have ample money but are pressed for time, you hire someone else to do the job. If you have plenty of time but too little money then you might try and figure out how to do it yourself.

I’m all for keeping each other employed, and respecting each other’s knowledge and training, and for putting it in the hands of those who know what they’re doing and are best at it. But at the same time, a greater world demands our greater selves, our wiser selves, a wisdom that comes from knowledge and a conscious knowing of ourselves.

And sometimes that comes from dealing with our pain.

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