Jehovah’s Witnesses will pivot to a streaming platform once again for their Sunday program of the “Powerful by Faith!” convention for the second consecutive year. All congregations, families and guests will enjoy two major highlights this weekend, the last of the convention, which entail a feature drama and Bible discourse centered around one theme — faith.

Prior to the pandemic, Jehovah’s Witnesses and their guests relished the release of the annual feature Bible drama in person since 1966. Now, their hallmark program continues from the comfort and safety of their home in the midst of a pandemic.

Francis and Rosa Guerra of San Mateo have enjoyed the Bible-based dramas for the past 19 years. “Being a very visual person, the dramas have really helped me to feel like I am a part of the Bible account, allowing the lessons to touch my heart in a very special way,” Rosa said.

This weekend, Aug. 21-22, the program will begin with the second half of the feature Bible drama titled “Daniel: A Lifetime of Faith.” During the Bible drama, viewers will be able to follow the footsteps of Daniel, a prophet known for his faith and courage when reacting to temptations, trials and ridicule. 

Following the finale of the feature drama, the three-day program will conclude with the final Bible discourse titled “Become Powerful by Your Faith.” This discourse will encourage all viewers to strengthen their faith, remaining fully convinced that God’s promises will soon become a beautiful reality.

Previously released installments along with this weekend’s program may still be streamed or downloaded at any time from, JW Broadcasting or the JW Library App for mobile devices. The convention is available in over 500 languages, uniting some 15-20 million people in 240 countries.