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Dear Heloise: My husband and I do a lot of international traveling. To be prepared for tips for our baggage handlers, bellhops, etc., we save our one dollar bills at least one month in advance. The majority of countries accept the American dollar. This way we are prepared for tips. -- Maria M., Hamburg, Pennsylvania


Dear Heloise: I am a recent widower. I am used to buying larger sizes of products for economic reasons. I like ice cream and usually buy the half-gallon size. The trouble is that I don't seem to eat it fast enough, and it may sit in the freezer for an extended period of time. Sometimes ice cream develops a funny flavor or taste over time.

My solution is to place a clear plastic film over the container after opening and then replace the lid. This seems to keep the flavor fresh for long periods. I also keep an open box of baking soda in the freezer to keep the inside fresh as well. -- Michael F., Long Beach, California



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Dear Heloise: I almost fell on the ice one night as I was leaving work. I took an empty grated cheese container and put table salt in it. Then I put it in my car in the cup holder, so I can spread it outside my car before I go into work or go shopping. I use table salt rather than sidewalk salt.

When I go out to eat I take a plastic container to bring home the food I don't eat. No more recycling containers from diners.

I add 1/4 to 1/2 cup baking soda to my dishwashing water when I have greasy dishes, as it cuts the grease.

When I put leftovers in my refrigerator, I put the date I cooked them on the container, so I will use it before it goes bad. -- Louise C., Troy, Ohio


Dear Heloise: Occasionally, I lose an earring if the back part that holds in the earring comes off. I started poking them into the bulletin board above my desk. Finally, I started to use them to hold notes on the bulletin board. I found two of the missing earrings, and thankfully I had their match on my bulletin board. -- Casey P., Pierre, South Dakota


Dear Heloise: I recently had new wood floors installed in my home, and the workmen gave me some very valuable hints on how to keep it looking good for a long time. I thought I'd pass these along to your readers:

-- Never use anything except cleaners designed for wood floors, especially vinegar, as it can strip the shine and dry out the wood.

-- Be careful about wearing high heels on wood floors, as this can cause pitting and dents.

-- Clean up spills immediately.

-- Always have rugs in high traffic areas.

-- Don't push furniture around. Pick it up and move it that way.

-- A daily dry dust mop on busy areas helps pick up dirt, which could cause scratches on your wood floor. -- Ella G., Perry, Iowa