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Furnace Filter


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When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? If you can’t quite remember, you’re probably not changing your filter often enough. Fortunately, this is on affordable e quick fix that will have you breathing better instantly.

What does my furnace filter do?

If you’re wondering why it’s so importantly to change your filter often, it’s important to understand what a vital job filters have. High efficiency furnace filters can remove up to 90 percent of mold spores and pet dander—which means pet owners should change their filters more frequently. The electrostatically charged fibers in these filters act like a magnet for allergy causing soot, smog, dust, and pollen. They can also help extend the life of your furnace.

How often should I change my furnace fillter?

Most HVAC experts recommend changing your filter alt least once every three months, but serious allergy suffers and pet owners will experience air quality benefits by changing their furnace filter once a month. With single filters priced at up to $15, the cost of regular replacement can add up. That’s where bulk buying comes in.

How how much can I save on air filters?

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Buying furnace filters in bulk keeps costs down, and when your allergy symptoms flare up in spring, you can easily change out your filter. This 6-pack of Filtrete air filters from 3M is just $33.39, which brings the average cost per month for cleaner air to just $5.57.

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