Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Electronic Arts)

Parents need to know that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a science fiction action/adventure game available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows-based PCs. The game’s set within the expansive Star Wars universe, shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. Players take on the role of a young fugitive Jedi on a quest to try to rebuild and restore the Jedi Order. Action is constant, with frequent killing shown onscreen and some intense moments of violence in cutscenes, though no blood or graphic gore is shown. The game emphasizes timing in combat and presents a relatively high degree of challenge, especially at higher difficulty levels. The word “bastard” is heard in some dialogue.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order continues the legacy of the epic film franchise, shining the spotlight on an untold chapter in the history of the Star Wars universe with its single-player, story driven focus. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has activated Order 66, branding the Jedi as criminals and fugitives to be dispatched with extreme prejudice. The few surviving Jedi are forced into hiding if they have any hopes of survival. One such Jedi, a former Padawan named Cal Kestis, had made a new life for himself until the day that circumstances caused him to reveal his connection to the Force. Now Cal is being hunted throughout the galaxy by the Imperial Inquisitors, Force sensitive assassins trained to eliminate the Jedi. Tired of running, Cal chooses to take a stand, teaming with a small band of allies to recover lost knowledge that could rebuild the Jedi Order.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an untold chapter that not only fills in the gaps of Star Wars history, but is also an untapped wellspring of adventure and excitement. The game has an engaging cast of characters embroiled in an epic odyssey that feels both instantly familiar and yet wholly original at the same time. The cast delivers an outstanding performance on a story that builds on the legacy and the lore of the franchise. You can’t help but feel a personal attachment to these characters, especially Cal. Cal (along with his droid sidekick, BD-1) represents the soul of the story, which is the player’s window to live in the moment and be a part of Star Wars universe.

Even getting wrapped up and engaged in Fallen Order’s tale, you never forget that this is still a video game. And it’s a difficult one at that. Button mashing won’t get you anywhere here. To progress through the game requires careful timing, quick reflexes, and keen observation. To survive, you need to learn how to quickly use your lightsaber to block, parry, and attack in all directions. Fall in battle, and you lose all the experience points (or XP) you’ve earned since your last upgrade, only recovering it by successfully tracking down and attacking the foe that defeated you. Chaining together wall runs, leaps, and Force abilities takes a level of precision that takes time and practice to master. And as the game moves on and Cal’s connection with the Force strengthens, it opens even more options to players. By the end of the game, you feel just as much a Jedi as Cal … and you’ve earned it.


Recommended for ages 14 and older

Quality: 5 out of 5

Positive messages: 3 out of 5

Positive role models: 3 out of 5

Ease of play: 3 out of 5

Violence: 3 out of 5

Sex: 0 out of 5

Language: 1 out of 5

Drinking, drugs, and smoking: 0 out of 5

Consumerism: 4 out of 5


Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One

Price: $59.99

Developer: Electronic Arts

Release date: November 15, 2019

Genre: Action/Adventure

ESRB rating: T for mild language, violence

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