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Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village hosts Lompoc Mayor Bob Lingl

Lompoc Mayor Bob Lingl speaks to the Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village at its meeting on Friday.

Lompoc Mayor Bob Lingl was the guest speaker at Friday morning's meeting of the Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village. He talked about the budget, taxes, new financial system, the new city manager and public safety.

The budget is challenging having to look at the revenue coming and the expenses going out to find a balance, he said.

One of the challenges is paying the $70 million in California Public Employment Retirement System payments each month.

"We are meeting this obligation monthly," Lingl said. "This amount is expected to increase to $73 (million) or $74 million."

A possible one-half to 1 percent tax increase could be introduced on the November ballot, he said.

"This could help with some of the costs. The $70 million amortized over 30 years could be reduced to about 15 years with a small tax increase."

A new financial system is projected to be in place in October 2018. The upgrade from the old system will provide improvements to payroll, personnel and other data processing.

Lingl discussed Jim Throop, Lompoc's new city manager, who served as the chief financial officer for the city of Oxnard.

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The mayor said the city was looking for a candidate with subject matter expertise in finance. After narrowing the selection process from six candidates to two, who were brought back for a second interview, Throop had great proven knowledge about finance, Lingl said.

Throop begins his new job on July 30.

Public Safety has 51 officers and is currently down 10, the mayor said.

"Our city still has one of the lowest crime rates of local cities,"

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