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Santa Maria resident Kara Walker is shown during the not-yet-aired Episode 5, Season 3 of "Making It" on NBC.  

Santa Maria native and self-taught artist Kara Walker had the chance to bring her unique crafting skills to the national stage this year as a contestant on Season 3 of NBC's "Making It." 

The show that began airing June 24 brings together a group of "makers" to compete in handmade crafting challenges. Walker joined the Season 3 group as a surprise contestant at the end of the season premiere with fellow contestant Melanio Gomez.

Viewers can see Walker in the fourth episode of the season Thursday, as she continues her journey toward the coveted $100,000 prize.

After demonstrating a natural skill for painting, Walker transitioned to making spooky home decor and prop-type sculptures in the past four years. Many residents see her skills on display at Halloween, when she turns her yard into a display of handmade tombstones, frightening trees and otherworldly decorations.

071521 Walker mushroom scultpure

Santa Maria artist Kara Walker's storybook-forest-inspired lending library, sculpted out of foam, won her the winning title on the second episode of Season 3 of "Making It" on NBC. 

"On Pinterest, I saw a spooky tree and decided I wanted to try that," she said. "It really launched me into a whole new career path, seeing that was something I could do." 

Since she had two fewer challenges under her belt than the other contestants, Walker said she felt the need to prove herself right off the bat.

In a second episode challenge focused on creating a unique lending library, her molded foam creation of a storybook-style mushroom and tree stump sculpture earned her the winning title from hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

"I wanted to kind of show off my abilities right away, being that we came in late," she said of the lending library challenge. "I knew this was something I could pull off. I thought it was cool … it was the most 'me' thing I’ve done."

Audiences also saw a vulnerable side from Walker in the episode, when she shared about her experience growing up with goldenhar syndrome and her resulting hearing impairment. While shame about her condition held her back in the past, creating art is what "mends" her, she said. 

I will show you how to make your own jack-o-lantern or pumpkin. Using professional tools and materials.

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Tools and materials used:

Foam Supplier:


Hot knife:


Industrial Router:


4 ftBow Cutter:


2ft Bow Cutter:


Router Set with Mini:






Montana Gold Spray Paint Colors Used:

Body of pumpkin: Shock Orange or Shock Orange Light

Shading: Shock Orange Dark

Highlight: Shock Yellow

Spray paint used inside the face: Rust-Oleum Summersqash

Hot glue Sticks:


Electric Skillet:


Polygem EZ Karve epoxy clay


"It was very emotional. If you watch the show, you see that we all cry a lot," she joked. 

Filming of the show, completed at the end of 2020, was pushed off for several months due to COVID-19, according to Walker. Once things got rolling, contestants had to isolate in hotel rooms for two weeks and then were subjected to COVID-19 testing every two days.

Along with the general challenges posed by COVID-19 precautions, Walker said the use of masks and face shields sometimes made it more difficult for her to understand people due to her hearing impairment. However, the crew and contestants all worked hard to ensure she knew what was going on. 

102517 SM Halloween 03.jpg

Kara Walker's 2017 Halloween displayed features homemade decorations — walls, fences, a giant tree and floating ghouls — in front of her family's home on Poppy Lane in Orcutt.

"Everyone was really great about it," she said.

Now back home in Santa Maria, Walker said she still can't believe the experience happened, especially after initially applying for the second season and not making the cut. 

She still keeps in touch with her fellow contestants via text and Zoom, and is grateful to her family for helping take care of two sons while she went away indefinitely to compete on the show.

"Right now, I’m trying to launch my own home decor line for spooky stuff," she said. "I’m trying to get out of my regular home interior kind of life and do this more for myself, so it’s kind of a sink-or-swim moment." 

To view more of Walker's work, visit her Instagram at kara_walker_designs

To follow Walker's journey, tune in to "Making It" at 8 p.m. Thursdays. 

071521 Kara Walker

Santa Maria resident Kara Walker participates in a crafting challenge during the second episode of Season 3 of "Making It" on NBC.