Fifty Santa Barbara County Jail inmates tested positive for COVID-19 in an outbreak that has infected more than 160 people after it was detected on Dec. 9 in the facility, according to a sheriff's spokeswoman on Tuesday. 

The outbreak was initially detected after an inmate tested positive while bunking among dozens other inmates in the Male Dormitory Housing area at the Main Jail facility located at 4436 Calle Real in Santa Barbara, according to sheriff's spokeswoman Raquel Zick.

The outbreak has infected 169 inmates and involves 83 active infections, Zick added. 

Additionally, of the 169 inmates infected with the coronavirus in the outbreak, 82 inmates have recovered and four were released. 

None of the inmates who tested positive in the outbreak required hospitalization and only 30 reported having symptoms, while 138 were asymptomatic and one inmate did not answer, according to Zick.

Zick said the Sheriff's Office has worked with Wellpath medical contractors, County Public Health Department officials and the Department of Public Health in responding to the Main Jail outbreak. 

Sheriff's officials have administered more than 630 coronavirus vaccinations at the Main Jail, including to 148 inmates who received up to $20 in their commissary accounts. The program was funded through a program funded by the American Rescue Plan Act